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Featured Artists


Alfredo Falcon (alpaca apparel and accessories)

Raquel and Gregor (alpaca accessories)

Teodoro Melendez and Family (sterling silver and gemstone jewelry)

Marianela Vargas (silver, gemstone and fashion jewelry)

Giuliana Valz-Gen (silver filigree jewelry)

Alfredo Inga (silver filigree jewelry)

Tiberio Gonzales (silver and gemstone jewelry)

Fernando Cano (alpaca apparel)

Sandra and Lily (silver jewelry)

Nancy Quispe (sterling silver filigree jewelry)

Bali and Java

Wayan Asmana (sterling silver jewelry)

Nyoman Rena (sterling silver jewelry)

Komang Wijayana (sterling silver and gemstone jewelry)

Buana (handmade jewelry)

Eka (wood carvings)

Cahya Krisna (handcrafted jewelry in sterling silver, gemstones and leather)

Putu Putri (sterling silver jewelry)

Wayan Rendah (wood sculptures)

Komang Suastra (sterling silver and gemstone jewelry)

Ketut Sulastri (handcrafted sterling silver and gemstone jewelry )


Neide Ambrosio (handbags and accessories made from soda can tops)

Joias do Rio (gemstone jewelry)

Wagner and Cassia (golden grass and gold plate jewelry)

Gemstone Jewelry of Southern Brazil (gold plated gemstone jewelry)

Marilia Guimaraes (leather jewelry)

Guena (Brazilian gemstone trees, coasters and figurines)

Seguso Family

Goga (original paintings and sculptures)

Mary Geluda (silver and gemstone jewelry)

Hammock Artisans of CearĂ¡ (cotton hammock)

Central America

Zandra Lorena Sajbin (jade jewelry)

Ruben and Gilda Perez (handcrafted jade jewelry and Maya masks)

Estuardo Jimenez

K'amolon K'i K'ojonel (hand-woven accessories and apparel)

Lilyan Benecke (ceramic tableware)

Alessandra Foletti (hand-crafted ceramic jewelry and home decor)

Yama Aj Chixot Artisan Group (handwoven scarves, handbags and table linens)

Weaving Hands of Atitlan

Jimenez Family (hand-crafted jade and sterling silver jewelry)

God's Seed


Alok Jain (sterling silver and gemstone jewelry)

Neeru Goel (sterling silver and gemstone jewelry)

Bhavesh (sterling silver and gemstone jewelry)

Shanker (sterling silver and gemstone jewelry)

Mahavir (sterling silver and gemstone jewelry)

Neetu Barathi (handcrafted sterling silver and gemstone jewelry )

Rituu Agarwal (sterling silver jewelry)

Narayani (sterling silver and gemstone jewelry)


Kamal (Handcrafted decor accessories in metal, glass mosaic and decoupage)


Oscar Figueroa Escorcia (sterling silver jewelry)

Guillermo Arregui (sterling silver and gemstone jewelry)

Armando Ramirez (recycled metal sculptures)

Angel Ceron (ceramic replicas and figurines)

Alon Diller (sterling silver jewelry)

J. Blas (iron wall art)

Gianluca Anzani (sterling silver jewelry)

Maya Artists of the Yucatan (hand-crafted Mayan hammocks)

Javier and Efren (hand-blown glassware)

Francisco Sanchez (sterling silver jewelry)


Jantana (sterling silver jewelry)

Khun Boom (hand-crafted jewelry)

Anusara (handcrafted gemstone jewelry)

Nareerat (hand crafted gemstone and pearl jewelry)

Achara (hilltribe silver jewelry)

Vinita (batik accessories)

Sasina (handcrafted jewelry)

Duangkamol (handmade ceramic tableware and decor accessories)

Sarote Lochotinunt (wood and silver jewelry)

Wadarat Supasirisuk

West Africa

Robert Aidoo-Taylor (wood carvings and jewelry)

Abdul Aziz Mohamadu (hand-carved African masks)

Rita Addo Zakour (wood carvings and beaded jewelry)

Salihu Ibrahim (hand-carved wood masks and sculptures)

Rachel Armah (beaded jewelry)

Ali Mohammed (hand-carved wood masks and jewelry)

K. Baka (paintings and batik art)

Ila Suleyman (leather and beaded jewelry)

Eric Danquah (African masks and wood carvings)

Catherine Offei Kwapong (handcrafted African beaded jewelry)


New Arrivals

Andes | Bali and Java | Brazil | Central America | India | Mexico | Thailand | West Africa

Customer Favorites

Andes | Bali and Java | Brazil | Central America | India | Mexico | Thailand | West Africa


New Arrivals | Handblown Glass | Jewelry | Mexican Decor | Talavera | Upcycled Sculpture | Hammocks | Wall Decor | Folk Art | Day of the Dead | Handbags | Accessories |


Brazilian Jewelry | Murano-Inspired Glass | Brazilian Decor | Brazilian Paintings | Drusy Jewelry | Hammocks | Gemstone Decor | Beaded Jewelry | Fine Art Sculpture | Carnaval Masks | Handbags | Tableware |

West Africa

New Arrivals | African Masks | African Decor | African Jewelry | Sculpture | Kente Cloth | Paintings | Batik |


Peruvian Jewelry | Peruvian Fashion | Andean Home Decor | Reverse Painted Glass | Filigree Jewelry | Andean Alpaca | Chrysocolla Jewelry | Archaeological Art | Sculpture | Handwoven Tapestries | Furniture | Paintings |


New Arrivals | Thai Jewelry | Thai Fashion | Celadon Ceramics | Hill Tribe Crafts | Wall Decor | Sculpture | All Thai Decor | Accessories | Handbags | Animal Themes | Paintings |

Central America

Jewelry | Fashion | Home Decor | Tableware | Jade Jewelry | Handwoven Scarves | Wood Tableware | Ceramics | Sculpture | Hammocks | Paintings | Holiday Decor |

Bali and Java

New Arrivals | Indonesian Fashion | Home Decor | Balinese Jewelry | Batik | Sculpture | Wall Decor | Home Accents | Clothing | Accessories | Men's Jewelry | Paintings |


New Arrivals | Indian Fashion | Home Decor | Indian Jewelry | Scarves & Shawls | Chakra Jewelry | Sculpture | Paintings | Tunics | Handbags | Jali Carvings | Home Accents | Furniture | Area Rugs | Wall Decor | Home Textiles |



Top 20 Categories below. View the complete Accessories Sitemap.

1.Women's Shawls

2.Patterned Women's Accessories


4.Indian Women's Accessories

5.Peruvian Women's Accessories

6.Cotton Women's Accessories

7.Indian Shawls

8.Solid Women's Accessories

9.Alpaca Wool Accessories

10.Peruvian Alpaca Wool Women's Accessories

11.Patterned Shawls

12.Silk Shawls

13.Blue Accessories for Women

14.Guatemalan Women's Accessories

15.Patterned Scarves

16.Hand Woven Shawls

17.Cotton Shawls

18.Patterned Cotton Women's Accessories

19.Men's Accessories

20.Cotton Scarves


Top 20 Categories below. View the complete Clothing Sitemap.

1.Medium Clothing

2.Small Clothing

3.Large Clothing

4.Extra Large Clothing

5.Solid Clothing


7.Alpaca Apparel

8.Balinese Clothing

9.Medium Solid Clothing

10.Small Solid Clothing

11.Medium Tops

12.Small Tops

13.Large Solid Clothing

14.Hand-Knit Sweaters

15.Spring Apparel & Accessories

16.Peruvian Sweaters

17.Cotton Tops

18.Large Tops

19.Extra Large Solid Clothing

20.Alpaca Wool Sweaters


Top 20 Categories below. View the complete Handbags Sitemap.

1.Shoulder Bags

2.Cotton Handbags

3.Cotton Shoulder Bags

4.Thai Handbags

5.Multicolor Handbags


7.Brown Handbags

8.Thai Cotton Handbags

9.Cotton Handbags

10.Leather Handbags

11.Guatemalan Handbags

12.Thai Shoulder Bags

13.Multicolor Cotton Handbags

14.Leather Accent Handbags

15.Multicolor Shoulder Bags

16.Tote Handbags

17.Indian Handbags

18.Black Handbags

19.Guatemalan Cotton Handbags

20.Brown Shoulder Bags

Home Decor - Area Rugs

Top 20 Categories below. View the complete Home Decor - Area Rugs Sitemap.

1.Wool Area Rugs

2.Indian Area Rugs

3.Small Area Rugs

4.Indian Wool Rugs

5.Small Wool Rugs

6.Small Indian Rugs

7.Geometric Rugs

8.4x6 Area Rugs

9.Wool Geometric Rugs

10.Wool 4 x 6 Rugs

11.Indian 4 x 6 Rugs

12.Mexican Area Rugs

13.Mexican Natural Rugs

14.Mexican Wool Rugs

15.Multicolor Area Rugs

16.Mexican Zapotec Rugs

17.Zapotec Rugs

18.Wool Zapotec Rugs

19.Blue Area Rugs

20.Indian Geometric Rugs

Home Decor - Chess Sets & Games

Top 20 Categories below. View the complete Home Decor - Chess Sets & Games Sitemap.

1.Wood Games

2.Brown Games

3.Brown Wood Games

4.Indian Games

5.Indian Wood Games

6.Brown Indian Games

7.Chess Sets

8.Wood Chess Sets

9.Brown Chess Sets

10.Natural Wood Games

11.Natural Games

12.Brown Natural Games

13.Indian Chess Sets

14.Balinese Games


16.Natural Chess Sets

17.Brown Balinese Games

18.Indian Natural Games

19.Animal Themed Games

20.Wood Puzzles

Home Decor - Decor Accessories

Top 20 Categories below. View the complete Home Decor - Decor Accessories Sitemap.

1.Wood Decor Accessories

2.Decorative Boxes

3.Wood Decorative Boxes

4.Brown Decor Accessories

5.Animal Themed Decor Accessories

6.Multicolor Decor Accessories

7.Brown Wood Decor Accessories

8.Indian Decor Accessories

9.Balinese Decor Accessories

10.Floral Home Accessories

11.Thai Decor Accessories

12.Wood Animal Themed Decor Accessories

13.Brown Decorative Boxes

14.Guatemalan Decor Accessories

15.Multicolor Wood Decor Accessories

16.Balinese Wood Decor Accessories

17.Ceramic Decor Accessories

18.Paper Decor Accessories

19.Decorative Bowls and Plates

20.Animal Themed Decorative Boxes

Home Decor - Furniture

Top 20 Categories below. View the complete Home Decor - Furniture Sitemap.

1.Wood Furniture

2.Brown Furniture

3.Brown Wood Furniture

4.Leather Furniture

5.Peruvian Furniture

6.Brown Leather Furniture

7.Brown Peruvian Furniture

8.Peruvian Wood Furniture

9.Peruvian Leather Furniture

10.Natural Wood Furniture

11.Accent Tables

12.Wood Accent Tables

13.African Furniture

14.African Wood Furniture

15.Brown Natural Furniture

16.Brown Colonial Furniture

17.Colonial Furniture

18.Brown Accent Tables

19.Natural Furniture

20.Colonial Wood Furniture

Home Decor - Jewelry Boxes

Top 20 Categories below. View the complete Home Decor - Jewelry Boxes Sitemap.

1.Wood Jewelry Boxes

2.Brown Jewelry Boxes

3.Brown Wood Jewelry Boxes

4.Floral Jewelry Boxes

5.Brown Modern Jewelry Boxes

6.Indian Jewelry Boxes

7.Wood Floral Jewelry Boxes

8.Peruvian Jewelry Boxes

9.Peruvian Wood Jewelry Boxes

10.Indian Floral Jewelry Boxes

11.Leather Jewelry Boxes

12.Brown Peruvian Jewelry Boxes

13.Brown Floral Jewelry Boxes

14.Multicolor Jewelry Boxes

15.Brown Leather Jewelry Boxes

16.Indian Wood Jewelry Boxes

17.Peruvian Leather Jewelry Boxes

18.Multicolor Wood Jewelry Boxes

19.Balinese Jewelry Boxes

20.White Jewelry Boxes

Home Decor - Lamps & Lighting

Top 20 Categories below. View the complete Home Decor - Lamps & Lighting Sitemap.

1.Candle Holders

2.Nativity Scene Lamps and Lighting

3.Ceramic Lamps and Lighting

4.Mexican Lamps and Lighting

5.Brown Lamps and Lighting

6.Floral Lamps and Lighting

7.Ceramic Candle Holders

8.Animal Themed Lamps and Lighting

9.Floral Candle Holders

10.Guatemalan Lamps and Lighting

11.Wood Lamps and Lighting

12.Mexican Ceramic Lamps and Lighting

13.Indian Lamps and Lighting

14.Guatemalan Candle Holders

15.Table Lamps

16.Brown Candle Holders

17.Mexican Table Lamps

18.Thai Lamps and Lighting

19.Indian Candle Holders

20.Wood Candle Holders

Home Decor - Masks

Top 20 Categories below. View the complete Home Decor - Masks Sitemap.

1.Wall Masks

2.Wood Masks

3.Wood Masks

4.African Masks

5.African Wood Masks

6.African Wall Masks

7.Ghanaian Masks

8.African Ghanaian Masks

9.Wood Ghanaian Masks

10.Ghanaian Masks

11.Brown Masks

12.Brown Wood Masks

13.Brown Masks

14.Brown African Masks

15.Black Masks

16.Black Masks

17.Black Wood Masks

18.Multicolor Masks

19.Black African Masks

20.Multicolor Masks

Home Decor - Mirrors

Top 20 Categories below. View the complete Home Decor - Mirrors Sitemap.

1.Wall Mirrors

2.Wood Mirrors

3.Glass Mirrors

4.Peruvian Mirrors

5.Peruvian Wood Mirrors

6.Floral Mirrors

7.Mirrors from India

8.Floral Wall Mirrors

9.Brown Mirrors

10.Wood Floral Mirrors

11.Brown Wood Mirrors

12.Indian Wood Mirrors

13.Peruvian Floral Mirrors

14.Mosaic Mirrors

15.Peruvian Glass Mirrors

16.Glass Floral Mirrors

17.Reverse Painted Glass Mirrors

18.Peruvian Reverse Painted Glass Mirrors

19.Glass Reverse Painted Glass Mirrors

20.Metallic Mirrors

Home Decor - Musical Instruments

Top 20 Categories below. View the complete Home Decor - Musical Instruments Sitemap.

1.Wood Drums Musical Instruments

2.Drums Musical Instruments

3.African Drums Musical Instruments

4.Brown Drums Musical Instruments

5.Wind Instruments Musical Instruments

6.Bamboo Wind Instruments Musical Instruments

7.Balinese Wind Instruments Musical Instruments

8.Percussion Musical Instruments

9.Wood Percussion Musical Instruments

10.Brown Wind Instruments Musical Instruments

11.Black Drums Musical Instruments

12.Animal Themed Wind Instruments Musical Instruments

13.Cultural Drums Musical Instruments

14.Brown Percussion Musical Instruments

15.Animal Themed Drums Musical Instruments

16.African Percussion Musical Instruments

17.Multicolor Drums Musical Instruments

18.Beige Wind Instruments Musical Instruments

19.Peruvian Wind Instruments Musical Instruments

20.Red Drums Musical Instruments

Home Decor - Pillows & Throws

Top 20 Categories below. View the complete Home Decor - Pillows & Throws Sitemap.

1.Cushion Covers

2.Cotton Textiles

3.Cotton Cushion Covers

4.Indian Textiles

5.Indian Cushion Covers

6.Cushion Covers Pillows & Throws

7.Indian Cotton Textiles

8.Cushion Covers Pillows & Throws

9.Multicolor Textiles

10.Floral Textiles

11.Floral Cushion Covers

12.Peruvian Textiles

13.Indian Floral Textiles

14.Geometric Textiles

15.Multicolor Cushion Covers

16.Blue Textiles

17.Polyester Textiles

18.Polyester Cushion Covers

19.Indian Polyester Textiles

20.Blue Cushion Covers

Home Decor - Sculpture

Top 20 Categories below. View the complete Home Decor - Sculpture Sitemap.

1.Family Sculpture

2.Wood Sculpture

3.Brown Sculpture

4.Animal Sculpture

5.Brown Wood Sculpture

6.Balinese Sculpture

7.African Sculpture

8.Wood Animal Themed Sculpture

9.African Wood Sculpture

10.Balinese Wood Sculpture

11.Ceramic Sculpture

12.Multicolor Sculpture

13.Cultural Sculpture

14.Metallic Sculpture

15.Peruvian Sculpture

16.Brown Balinese Sculpture

17.Mexican Sculpture

18.Brown Animal Themed Sculpture

19.Black Sculpture

20.Wood Cultural Sculpture

Home Decor - Tableware & Entertaining

Top 20 Categories below. View the complete Home Decor - Tableware & Entertaining Sitemap.

1.Ceramic Tableware

2.Mexican Tableware


4.Guatemalan Tableware

5.Blue Tableware

6.Wood Tableware

7.Table Linens

8.Floral Tableware

9.Green Tableware

10.Brown Tableware

11.Glass Tableware

12.Thai Tableware

13.Ceramic Serveware

14.Balinese Tableware

15.Multicolor Tableware

16.Cotton Tableware

17.Floral Ceramic Tableware

18.Animal Themed Tableware


20.Cotton Table Linens

Home Decor - Vases

Top 20 Categories below. View the complete Home Decor - Vases Sitemap.

1.Ceramic Vases

2.Guatemalan Vases

3.Guatemalan Ceramic Vases

4.Thai Vases

5.Floral Vases

6.Brown Vases

7.Green Vases

8.Ceramic Floral Vases

9.Brown Ceramic Vases

10.Black Vases

11.Blue Vases

12.Green Ceramic Vases

13.Mexican Vases

14.Thai Ceramic Vases

15.Animal Themed Vases

16.Thai Celadon Vases

17.Celadon Vases

18.Ceramic Celadon Vases

19.Multicolor Vases

20.Blue Ceramic Vases

Home Decor - Wall Decor

Top 20 Categories below. View the complete Home Decor - Wall Decor Sitemap.

1.Wood Wall Decor

2.Brown Wall Art

3.Multicolor Wall Art

4.Wall Art

5.Peruvian Wall Art

6.Animal Themed Wall Art

7.Brown Wood Wall Art


9.Mexican Wall Art

10.Relief Panels

11.Floral Wall Art

12.Cultural Wall Art

13.Wood Relief Panels

14.Wood Mirrors

15.African Wall Art

16.Cotton Wall Art

17.Paper Wall Art

18.Balinese Wall Art

19.Wall Hangings



Top 20 Categories below. View the complete Jewelry Sitemap.

1.Silver Jewelry

2.Silver Jewelry


4.Silver Earrings

5.Sterling Silver Earrings


7.Thailand Jewelry

8.Dangle Earrings

9.Dangle Jewelry

10.Smokey Topaz Beaded Jewelry

11.Silver Dangle Jewelry

12.Sterling Silver Dangle Jewelry

13.Pendant Jewelry

14.Silver Jewelry from Thailand

15.Silver Necklaces

16.Pendant Necklaces

17.Sterling Silver Necklaces

18.India Jewelry

19.Balinese Jewelry



Top 20 Categories below. View the complete Paintings Sitemap.

1.Acrylic Paintings

2.20 to 36 inch Paintings

3.Expressionist Paintings

4.Portrait Paintings

5.Multicolor Paintings

6.Small Paintings

7.Oil Paintings

8.African Paintings

9.20 to 36 inch Acrylic Paintings

10.Expressionist Acrylic Paintings

11.African Acrylic Paintings

12.People and Portraits Acrylic Paintings

13.Peruvian Paintings

14.36 to 48 inch Paintings

15.Multicolor Acrylic Paintings

16.Brazilian Paintings

17.Primary or Jewel Colors Paintings

18.20 to 36 inch Expressionist Paintings

19.Abstract Paintings

20.Abstract Paintings

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