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Pre-Hispanic Embossed Leather Sling from Peru, "Tumi Cosmovision"

Handcrafted using techniques passed down from the colonial era, this awesome... more

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Handcrafted using techniques passed down from the colonial era, this awesome sling showcases the work of Peruvian artisan Berardo Santos. He works in leather, delicately tooling it by hand to feature pre-Hispanic images of birds and ceremonial tumi axes at the front with the image of the god Wiracocha at the back. Draped over the shoulder on an adjustable leather strap, the bag opens with a belt buckle flap to reveal an interior with faux leather at the sides. An open pocket on one side provides space for storing small items.

  • 0.80 kgs
  • 1.8 lbs
  • Bag: 36 cm H x 29 cm W x 8 cm D
  • Bag: 14.25" H x 11.5" W x 3.1" D
  • Strap(s): 145 cm min L - x 155 cm max L x 2.5 cm W
  • Strap(s): 57" min L - x 61" max L x 1" W
  • Drop length: 60 cm min L - x 65 cm max L
  • Drop length: 23.5" min L - x 25.5" max L

  • Leather, polyester interior
  • Avoid contact with water
  • Adjustable strap(s)
  • Hand-crafted item -- color, size and/or motif may vary slightly
  • Genuine leather may naturally show subtle marks, scratches or wrinkles
  • Not lined
  • Features a belt buckle closure
  • Made in Peru.
  • Certified and shipped by our office in Peruicon info
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Verified Reviewer


"A Handbag With Ancient Symbols, a Must!"

When I saw this handbag with the pre-Hispanic symbols, I knew that I wanted one. Then when I looked at the close views of the workmanship, I was sold.When I received the handbag, I knew that I had made a great choice. The leather tooling is outstanding and the bag is very well made.The shoulder strap is very long so I will probably have it shortened by a leather craftsman from my area. I havent decided yet.

Purchased Item:

Tumi Cosmovision, Pre-Hispanic Embossed Leather Sling from Peru

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From New Mexico

Verified Reviewer


"Very poor design. Strap which is NOT adjustable and it is way too long..."

I was really, really hoping to like this messenger bag. But the leather is extremely (and I mean extremely) stiff. Definitely not soft leather. But the major problem is that the strap is so unnecessarily long that the bag is essentially unusable. The strap is 60 inches long. That is a five foot shoulder strap! And it is NOT adjustable. Seriously? The bag is only a few inches off the ground when it is on my shoulder and it is very cumbersome. Unless you are seven feet tall, I would NOT buy this. The only way I can use this is if I take it to a shoemaker and pay and have the strap shortened. But I dont know if I will do that since the leather is so stiff. I am extremely, extremely disappointed. This was a total waste of money. I wish I had not bought this. Novica should talk to the artist and have him redesign the strap. The current strap design is a total FAIL. I recommend that you buy something else.

Best Uses

  • NONE!

Purchased Item:

Casual Business, Handcrafted Leather Messenger Bag from Peru

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L Christian

Verified Reviewer


"My mother had a bag like this in the fifties!"

And then it become my bag! I was thrilled to find a replacement on Novica.

Best Uses

  • Any time, anywhere

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Verified Reviewer


"Excellent tool design"

Great craftsmanship, I am pleasantly impressed with how nice this purse is. I just need to shorten the strap.

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Verified Reviewer


"Everything I wanted"

I had a bag very similar to this one when I was in high school and college. It was beautiful!! Someone stole it. I was heart broken. When I found this on the site I was giddy happy! Being sick and tired of the poor quality of items on the market now I pulled the trigger and bought this beautiful bag!!! It is built to last. Im 63 now and this will be my last.

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Verified Reviewer


"Art to carry"

The detail on this wonderfully crafted leather sling is amazing. Its largeenough to use as an overnight bag. Just Beautiful!

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