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Citrine Pendant

Enter NOVICA's citrine pendant collection and you will find an enormous selection of energetic, lemon and orange stones, inspired by the natural world and handcrafted by artisans from all across the globe.

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Popular Citrine Pendant

Citrine Pendant

The bright glow of citrine is associated with logic, intellect and communication. Mystical lore of precious gemstones recommends citrine for combating negativity. Commonly known as the birthstone of November, the radiant gemstone is also regarded as the "stone of success." Explore the pages of citrine crystal pendant-centered necklaces and bracelets crafted by NOVICA’s skilled artisans and silversmiths worldwide. Admire its brilliant glow, resembling a drop of nectar in our citrine heart pendants from India. Set in a gold pendant, the gemstone burns bright like the warm summer sun. While sterling silver citrine pendants compliment the stone's varying hues. Among the company of other gemstones, citrine's golden-yellow color harmonizes with the romantic glow of rose quartz and impassioned garnet.
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