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Welcome to NOVICA’s Bookends collection! What better way to safeguard all your favorite printed words than with these creative and unique bookends? Whether your book collection is large or small, fantasy, fiction, or history, these handcrafted pieces add a whimsical touch to any shelf.

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Some are made of cedar, others of ebony, and still others of bronze and marble. With NOVICA’s collection of handcrafted bookends, all your favorite titles can be on beautiful display. Our bookends come from such varied locations as West Africa, Brazil, Peru, and Bali and Java. And as diverse as the places from which they originate, our bookends come in so many different styles. Kwaku Ofosuhene Apenteng carves gorgeous antelopes grazing on the savannah and Luitpol Ruiz Gaviria erects aluminum harlequins balancing on their heads. Stacked between these unique pieces, even your books become art installations. If you love to read as much as we do, we invite to enjoy our original bookends.
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