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Welcome to the Patterned Top Collection at NOVICA. These finespun patterned tops are just the eye-catching accessory to build an outfit around.

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Patterned Tops

Block printing and dabu printing are just some of the classic methods used to color these patterned tops. In block printing, an image is carved onto a piece of sturdy material and coated in ink. The carved and inked side is then pressed against fabric or paper to copy the image like a stamp. Dabu makes patterned tops with an opposite approach. Rather than focusing on the pattern itself, everything else is shaped precisely with a mud paste, which soaks into the material and hardens. The cloth is then submerged in dye, coloring everything not protected by the hardened paste - in other words, the pattern. Any patterned top made through these methods is meticulously done. And a multi-colored patterned blouse is especially demanding as the cloth must be dried and re-dyed for each hue. Though these methods use inverse strategies to make patterned tops, they both lend themselves to environmentally-friendly processes and dyes.