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NOVICA’s select batik tops hail from Southeast Asia, where batik has maintained a long-standing tradition. As you view the collection, you may notice veins and gradients in the color patterns, attesting to the complex personal process that created these blouses.

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Batik Tops

To achieve the fascinating color nuances of batik, melted wax is painted by hand onto areas where color is not desired. When the fabric is crumpled into the dying solution, the wax cracks, creating an attractive network of fine lines. The wax is removed and the process is repeated for each color utilized, making every piece of batik a unique work of textile art. This can be seen in Novica's batik top collection. Working in shimmering silk and cool cotton, talented artisans create a fashionable selection of handcrafted batik tops, blouses, caftans and tunics.