Embroidered Scarves

One of the most outstanding features of embroidery is the fact that its materials and techniques haven’t changed in thousands of years. “Just like I connect with the past,” artisan Ritu Agnihotri says, “I have a deep bond with the prints I make.” She aims to make high quality designs—the only thing about embroidery that has been lost in history. Seeking to recapture that forgotten quality in these embroidered scarves, NOVICA artisans treat them with great care, and give each embroidered scarf a personality of its own. Ritu Agnihotri’s customers tell her that her embroidered scarves are different than others in the market. Similarly, artisan group Kala Raksha is “working to revive the traditional Rabari repertoire of delicate stitching techniques, which were quickly being replaced by more contemporary mirror and chain stitching designs” for their unique embroidered scarves.