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Incredible India

Reasons NOT to miss it:

  • Huge discounts - up to 70% off retail values!
  • Brand new, limited edition, one-of-a-kind items
  • Explore the delights of incredible India!


  • Unique, limited edition items available nowhere else
  • Huge discounts - up to 70% off retail values
  • Help artisans succeed, while preserving ancient techniques.

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About Pricing

What is so special about the Passport Sale prices?

With up to 70% off retail values, the prices within our Passport Sale are some of the best for unique handcrafted items you'll find online. These really are huge savings, and a great way to introduce yourself, or your friends, to the world of fair trade beautifully crafted products.

What does 70% off retail actually mean?

If you were to hunt for similar store based handcrafted items that were produced under fair trade conditions, hailing from a specific region, made by similar master artisans, then in many cases you would find the prices to be at least 70% over those displayed in the Passport Sale.

How do Passport Sale prices differ from NOVICA.com prices?

The items in our Passport Sale events are all 'debut' items, and as such their introductory prices are generally 20-40% less than what they may sell for on NOVICA.com in the future.

Do the artisans get any less for their work?

As with NOVICA.com, artisans have complete control over their pricing. Any discount offered is shouldered by NOVICA and not the artisan. We consider the Passport Sale to be the purest expression of the NOVICA mission, and our biggest gain is through your invites and recommendations to friends and family. Please ask them to make a difference by shopping fair trade, from the finest artisans on Earth, and in doing so, you can benefit too!