Happiness Project Highlights in 2019

Happiness is not a commodity. It must be created, cultivated, and shared. Our NOVICA global teams dedicate themselves daily to delivering joy in unexpected and meaningful ways.

2019 was a good year for happiness. NOVICA offices around the globe curated experiences that delivered hope, provided support, and showed love in meaningful ways. As we look back on the Happiness Projects that we’ve manifested this year, we’re reaffirmed in our belief that together we can change lives. Here are a few highlights worth celebrating.

Confronting social stigma in Ghana

A happiness cadre of NOVICA artisans and staff from the West Africa office pulled up to the Dzorwulu Special School with big plans for the day. Armed with jewelry-making materials and huge smiles, they began the day with warm introductions. Dzorwulu exists to support the care of children on the Autism Spectrum, who are often marginalized from society and whose parents lack resources to address their needs. After friendly greetings, artisans, NOVICA staff, teachers and students dove into the best part of the day: making art together. They strung beautiful beaded necklaces, created intricate earrings, and so much more. Soon, it was time to share a meal together, and our team had a chance to learn about the incredible dedication of teachers at the school, who often use their own money to buy art supplies when donations are short, which it frequently the case. When it came time to part ways, artisans and NOVICA staff gifted the school seed money to continue their artistic endeavors, hoping to one day feature their incredible designs on NOVICA.com. Learn more about this project

Laughter combats illness in Guadalajara

In Guadalajara, our NOVICA Mexico team found true inspiration in a group of children with terminal cancer, whose enthusiasm and love of life remind us all how lucky we are to be here. Partnering with the My Last Wish organization, who provide beds, food, bathrooms, and other necessities to children with incurable cancer or less than two months to live, our staff discovered how powerful warmth, laughter, and joy can be. After scrubbing and prepping the building, the Mexico team dedicated themselves to throwing a party none of the patients would forget. With lively music, piping hot hamburgers, a Laughter Therapy workshop, a painting lesson, a live performance, and an embroidered jacket for each child, their goal was to shower these kids with love and affection. Parting ways at the end of the day was harder than anyone imagined. Learn more about this project

Celebrating our artisan family in Guatemala

For this Happiness Project, our Central America team focused their love and appreciation a little closer to home by throwing a huge Christmas fiesta for artisans and their families. Decking the halls with handmade ornaments, delicious chuchitos, and a jolly Santa Claus, our NOVICA team created an atmosphere of warmth and festivity to celebrate artisans who have overcome so many of life’s adversities to be here. As artisans battle illness, struggle to raise children, and work hard to support their families, this NOVICA team went to great lengths to show them that they are not alone. Learn more about this project

An afternoon at the circus for refugees in Brazil

Two hundred thousand Venezuelan refugees have fled dire conditions in their own country and taken up residence in Brazil. They need so many basic necessities for survival that the simple and carefree importance of childhood often feels like an afterthought. This Happiness Project attempted to restore that sense of freedom for 16 refugee children and 4 adults in Rio de Janeiro. With live Samba music playing, jugglers juggling, acrobats performing, and unexpected gifts around every corner, the Brazil team created an afternoon of laughter, awe, and kindness for a group of deserving children and adults who deserve it every day. Learn more about this project

A backpack of necessities for the homeless in Los Angeles

NOVICA CEO, Roberto Milk, stormed the office one day with an idea. With homelessness on the rise in L.A., he asked the office what essentials they couldn’t live without. Everyone offered different suggestions until, finally, they agreed upon a core package of necessities. Toilet paper, sanitary napkins, Band-aids, first aid kits, non-perishable food, duct tape, flashlights, batteries, and the list went on. Once the backpacks were stuffed, the L.A. office set out in search of recipients. Careful to respect privacy when homeless tents were closed, and mindful of personal space when an individual was not interested, the team spread out around Santa Monica to deliver backpacks to those who wanted them. Some engaged in long conversations about how they became homeless. Others accepted the backpacks with quiet appreciation. While this Happiness Project may not eradicate the overwhelming challenge of homelessness, it created opportunities for meaningful connection and conversation. Learn more about this project

Our mission is to spread happiness around the globe, and your purchases make that possible. 10% of purchases on the NOVICA website throughout Giving Tuesday will go towards funding Happiness Projects in 2020 and beyond! Learn more about the work we’re doing and the projects we undertake in the name of happiness.


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