Ring Style Guide: From a Simple Band to a Major Statement Ring, You’ll Want them All!

Sometimes it seems like a real shame humans are only born with ten fingers–after all, that fact makes it difficult to wear more than ten rings at one time, (unless you get really creative!)  With so many styles of rings, we wanted to share with you a ring style guide – from cocktail rings to bands to wrap rings, there is something for everyone!

Artisan Crafted Chalcedony and Sterling Silver Cocktail Ring, 'Sky Reflection'

A cocktail ring is a piece of jewelry that’s larger than average and is meant to attract attention with its notable size and boldly colored stones.  The silver ring above is a very good example of a classic, regal cocktail ring.  Not only does its rectangular shape make it stand out, but that huge sky blue chalcedony stone will catch any and every eye.  The smoky quartz ring below is another great cocktail ring that would look lovely on any finger and match any outfit.

Modern Peru Artisan Crafted Smoky Quartz Cocktail Ring, 'Mysterious Aura'

One more cocktail ring that I must include is the arresting purple turquoise piece below.  It would impossible not to notice!

Purple Composite Turquoise Sterling Silver Ring, 'Purple Island'

Sterling Silver Spiral Band Ring from Indonesia, 'Shiny Spirals'

Bands tend to be a little more low-key, but they are certainly no less lovely.  The shiny band above features delicate swirls and spirals in a very attractive pattern. It may not be flashy, but it’s decidedly beautiful! Below is a very interesting band  that basically consists of two rings welded together at right angles.  Pale green marcasite stones line both of the interlocked circles.

Original Thai Ring Hand Crafted with Silver and Marcasite, 'Siam Atom'

The thick band below looks like pieces of silver ribbon have been woven together.  The edges are slightly curved, further enhancing the uniqueness of the piece.

Sterling Silver Band Ring, 'Mae Ping Hug'

Artisan Crafted Burgundy Pearl and Sterling Silver Ring, 'Winding Paths'

Wrap rings are less common than cocktail rings and bands, and we need to change that!  Like other ring styles, they range from more muted to bold and flashy.  The wrap ring above falls into the category of subtly stunning rings, with a tangle of silver surrounding a burgundy pearl.  Below is a ring that only suits people with an affinity for all things slithery (for the record, that doesn’t describe me!).

Hand Made Sterling Silver Snake Wrap Ring from Indonesia, 'Infinity Snakes'

If two-headed snakes aren’t your style, you might like the ceramic wrap ring below.  The colors are gorgeous, the design is interesting and unique, and the medallion even has tiny holes to make it look like an antique button!

Sterling silver and ceramic wrap ring, 'Sublime Serenity' Button Modern Contemporary NOVICA Fair trade

Amethyst and Garnet Sterling Silver Cluster Ring from India, 'Floral Bouquet' citrine peridot

Rings can also vary in regard to the number of stones included.  Though it seems that the majority of rings feature just one stone, multi-stone rings  can be breathtaking.  The stunner above includes a spectacular array of colorful stones, including citrine, garnet, peridot, and amethyst, all formed into the image of a flower.  Below is a set of stacking rings. Each piece features a different stone.  The springtime colors complement each other quite well, though the amethyst does take center stage.

Unique Silver and Amethyst Stacking Rings (Set of 3), 'Gemstone Geometry' Sterling silver

One final multi-stoned ring that I must include is the chakra band below.  This has become my favorite combination of stones, and not only because it’s believed to promote a sense of well-being and positivity.  The balance of the bold colors of the rainbow is second to none, at least to my eyes!

Multi Gemstone Sterling Silver Ring Chakra Jewelry, 'Positivity' Fair Trade

I used to wonder why people wore toe rings, and now I realize it’s because they had run out of fingers on which to display their lovely rings!  So many rings, so few digits…

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John Mike
John Mike
5 years ago

Love them all.