Ponchos: A Versatile Fall Fashion Statement

As a chill fills the fall air, ponchos offer a versatile fashion statement for all manner of women. Before dismissing them as too overwhelming, consider that a poncho can be designed in a beautiful, complementary way to suit all body types. From petite and curvy to long and leggy, any woman can find a poncho that is perfect for her needs. This cozy, comfortable piece of outerwear can be worn in many ways.

Here are a few ways to style ponchos:

functional fashion Alpaca Wool Blend Reversible Poncho, 'Gray Black Glyphs'

Casual Outerwear

When temperatures are brisk but not chilly, a poncho can be the perfect outwear solution. Instead of a jacket, a small fitted poncho can be paired with jeans or leggings for a unique look. The fitted poncho can be less overwhelming for petite frames as well as figure slimming for the taller woman.

Hand Crafted Peruvian Alpaca Wool Women's Poncho, 'Red Latitudes'

Instead of a bulky, puffy coat, the poncho provides warmth in a stylish form. Plus, for anyone who travels, the poncho can serve as a comfy pillow or blanket. For example, the ‘Golden Camle’ alpaca wool poncho offers warmth with stylish features. Whether worn over jeans to ward off the chill or thrown over a lap to fight the blast from an air conditioner, the poncho becomes a fast favorite. This multi-functional outerwear gives the wearer numerous options to expand her wardrobe.

Handmade Alpaca Wool Blend Knit Poncho, 'Golden Camel'


Single Color Outfit

When a person wears a single color, the effect can be outstanding. The solid color makes the little details stand out in a wonderful way. Pairing black ponchos with black pants and boots can create a chic statement outfit. With just one color, the eye is drawn to the outfit’s smaller details. For example, the braiding on a poncho can add style to a simple ensemble.

Ponchos versatile outerwear Alpaca Blend Poncho from Peru, 'Tan Dreams' NOVICA Fair Trade

Without multiple colors to distract the eye, the single color adds the touch of elegance. A long necklace or an antique brooch can express personal style. For funky trends or classic elegance, the details, not the color, convey a clear statement.

Pair with Heels or Boots to Elongate an Outfit

Since a poncho is often the largest article of clothing being worn, balancing it with the other parts of the outfit is important. A pair of heels or boots can elongate an outfit, with the height from the heels providing a contrast to the voluminous poncho. The juxtaposition of the two sizes in the ensemble make it appealing to the eye.  Simple, tall, tan or black boots with a colorful, flowing poncho make a clever fashion statement.

Unique Women's Alpaca Wool Blend Patterned Poncho, 'Lima Flora'

Ponchos and travel

Whether traveling near or far, packing for a trip can be intimidating. Packing a poncho in your bag can be an expert solution for many travel scenarios. On a crisp night, the poncho can ward off the evening chill. For a cold plane or a long wait at an airport, the poncho can be used like a blanket. In a pinch, the poncho can be rolled up to use as a makeshift pillow. No one wants to overpack for a trip so bringing along a poncho offers great versatility.

Don’t be intimidated by ponchos. A poncho offers many possibilities for every body type and personality and suits both men and women. Choose one, or many, and try a new look for the fall season.

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Lynn White
Lynn White
6 years ago

Your right ponchos are a great travel companion with lot’s of styles and if you buy one made from pure wool you won’t go far wrong as they keep you cool when worm and worm when it’s cool.