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Cocktail Ring Gallery

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Discover NOVICA's Cocktail Rings Collection. These statement pieces owe their name to Prohibition, when the mere act of drinking was enough to garner attention. In this unique collection, you'll find gorgeous cocktail rings handcrafted by global artisans for all those who don't mind drawing a little attention to themselves.

The Cocktail Ring

Cocktail rings became especially popular in the US during prohibition, at illegal cocktail parties – it not only flaunted the fact that one was drinking illegally, but that one was doing so in style! Visit Novica's gallery of Cocktail Rings and discover how artisans around the world expand their creativity with bold and unique designs.

Being over-sized, cocktail rings offer artisans across the globe a wonderful opportunity to push the limits of their imagination. Accordingly, themes vary from flowers and butterflies, to modern and abstract. They also design matching silver necklaces, ideal as lavish gifts for her.

A cocktail ring is meant to be a dramatic large ring – the larger the better. Gold or sterling silver rings can be worn on any finger, except for the ring finger on the left hand. Cocktail rings in Novica's collection dazzle with opulent uniqueness.

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