A Throw Made to Last

I saw this alpaca blend throw and thought about how much I love my alpaca shawl. I couldn’t resist ordering this throw, which is adorned with beautiful glyph-like patterns in warm tones. I was browsing NOVICA’s blankets and throws to find one for myself – my two dogs have claimed the other worn out throws in my home. It was definitely time for a new one. When it arrived I was more than happy with it. It’s a lightweight blanket and fabulous! It’s been perfect for cuddling up on the couch – and no dogs allowed!

I’ve learned that there is nothing more luxurious than alpaca. It was once reserved for the Incan kings of ancient Peru, and was called royal fleece! It’s more luxurious than cashmere, and it’s very durable. Alpaca’s fiber is stronger and warmer than wool, half the weight, and twice as warm. Unlike wool, alpaca fiber has no lanolin or itchiness to it. It’s very soft feeling. It retains heat, repels moisture, and wears beautifully. This wonderfully lightweight blanket is woven on a petal loom straight from Peru, using a blend of fibers from Peruvian-raised alpacas and acrylic. You will love this throw!

Lightweight Blanket

Inca Land Alpaca Blend Throw

  • Beautiful pattern
  • No itch, just cuddly soft
  • Lightweight
  • Perfect for cuddling on the couch
  • Size 43″ W x 49″ H

Meet Wilfredo Rojas Yurivilca, the talented artisan who created this beautiful lightweight blanket. He was born in San Pedro de Cajas, which is Peru’s artisan capital. He was just a child of seven when he made his first sketches on the looms that he could reach. These were his first artistic flashes of the continuation of Andean textile artistry. When he was ten, he wove his first tapestry completely by hand without anyone’s help. His artistic vocation came from his maternal grandparents, especially his grandfather who was his guide and teacher. He led Wilfredo toward this wonderful world of art even though his mother also had a great influence on him. His grandfather is a living legend in the art of hand-weaving in San Pedro de Cajas.

Wilfredo follows the rules of the old weavers from Tarma. Although, he searches for more complicated geometric patterns, combined with cubism. He works with his family – his mother, his brothers and uncles and he owns a number of handlooms.  He has shown his designs in Peru and also in Colombia, Venezuela, Chile, Bolivia, the U.S. and in Europe. He continues a great cultural legacy left to him by his ancestors. I encourage you to view his craftsmanship.

While browsing NOVICA’s home décor, I found a beautiful rug! With contrasting cool grays and warm earth tones this rug has rich artistry. It’s 100% wool and weaved on a pedal loom, expertly revealing glyphs of ancient inspiration. I believe it will go nicely with my new throw!


Throw: Inca Land Alpaca Blend Throw

Rug: Cinnamon Glyphs Zapotec Wool Rug

Zapotec wool rug (2.5x5)

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