Birthday Cards with Original Artwork by Blow

At NOVICA we work every day to spread happiness, so we were excited to discover a birthday card company called Blow that works to do the same with birthday cards created by actual artists. 

Unique birthday cards to complement your unique NOVICA birthday gifts.

Blow Birthday Card Shoe New Image

Blow Birthday Cards offers the largest selection of independently designed paper birthday cards in the world. They also provide an interesting way of getting the cards signed and into the mail.

Blow birthday card chocolate lovers card

The cards are designed by independent artists, each of whom works in her or his own studio.  The artist uploads her finished card designs to the Blow store.  Her name and logo will appear on the back of each card to authenticate it as an original work of art. Blow birthday card artistic artist card

When a customer picks a card, Blow allows the customer to add a message in his or her own handwriting.  The customer just writes a message on a blank piece of white paper, snaps a picture of the note, and texts or Facebook messages the picture to the Blow site – where it almost magically appears inside the card.  

Blow step1-handwriting (1)

Blow then uses a clever robot to write the note in the customer’s actual handwriting inside the real card. 

Blow card graphic 4

Blow mails the card directly to the birthday boy or girl a few minutes later. The customer can also choose to have the card mailed to the recipient at a later date.

Blow handwriting image

Selecting a specific date for a card’s delivery allows a customer to buy a card today that will show up on the recipient’s birthday, even if the birthday is weeks or months in the future.  The price, including delivery, is always $4.95.

 The artists strive to create cards that are unlike a typical store-bought card.  This includes making cards in a variety of visual styles, tones, and themes such as shoes, chocolate, and painting.  Just as every article on NOVICA is the product of the talents and passion of an artisan, so too is each birthday card from Blow the product of the talents and passion of an artist.

Have an interstellar birthday duck in spacesuit astronaut

All cards are printed on a heavy, fine art grade paper using rich, vibrant inks and mailed in an off-white linen envelope.

If it’s the thought that counts in gift giving, you won’t find anything more thoughtful than the cards at Blow –

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Edwin Farnworth
Edwin Farnworth
3 years ago

I need a birthday card for my brother who works at Costco in the bank vault…I want that on the front and he likes tomahawk steaks and coca cola…I want a custom card made before the 20th of this month…Must receive it by then…