The Mystique of the Cool Garden Blouse

There are so many venues at Novica to explore. One of the categories to spend some time at is their selection of clothing from around the world. There are fashion designs from casual to elegant to even mysterious. My daughter took some time and wandered through Novica’s extensive selection of fashion. She roamed through collections of tops, dresses, and skirts that were handcrafted by artisans worldwide. When she finally made her selection of a lovely spring blouse, we were a little amazed at the mystique we encountered when we first looked upon it.

Cool Garden Blouse

The blouse my daughter chose for herself is entitled, “Cool Garden.” This lovely cotton blouse was created by Ritu Agnihotri. Why would we consider this blouse so mystical? When you gaze at the blouse from afar, Cool Garden has the appearance of a lovely pure green fabric. Yet your eyes are only gazing at a mystical illusion. As you come closer to the blouse, you find that the fabric is not green at all, but actually woven blend of yellow and blue threads. Someone needs to be close to see the mystical variations of this lovely blouse.

Along with the mystical esoteric beauty of the fabric, there is a delightful floral garden that was created in shimmering silk embroidery. These engaging garden flowers flow around the neck of the blouse and the cuffs of the three quarter length sleeves. There are beautiful blossoms of ruby red, amethyst, and sweet little white blossoms that remind me of one of our own local wildflowers, the desert star.

Cool Garden Blouse

My daughter actually chose this blouse as she loved the sweet refreshing look that Ritu created. This graceful blouse features slits on each side of the bottom hem for an easy fit. When wearing the blouse, my daughter likes to pair it with jeans, either blue or black. She wears it when she goes out to shop or when she steps out with friends. The Cool Garden blouse also looks fantastic with her long black skirt for church for a more dressier appearance. Whichever way she wears it, it makes her look so lovely.

Cool Garden Blouse Embroidery

Fashion is an avenue at Novica that needs your exploration. There are so many lovely selections of tops, skirts, dresses, and outerwear for women. Such an assortment cotton clothing and batik clothing just in time for spring awaits you there. Perhaps you may even encounter a fabric full of mystique, too.

Take a look at my video below for more details about this beautiful blouse.

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