Merry and Bright Christmas Décor

It’s time to deck the halls! From classic Christmas décor to unique ornaments and handcrafted stockings, NOVICA has everything you need to fill your heart with holiday cheer.  To be sure your home is merry and bright this season, surround yourself with decorations that are not only festive but meaningful.

Christmas Décor News Tree Handmade Recycled Paper Christmas Tree Figurines (Pair)
Handmade Recycled Paper Christmas Tree Figurines (Pair)


Nurture the true spirit of Christmas by decorating your tree with expertly crafted keepsake ornaments from around the world. These treasures not only look good, but warm your heart, foster your sense of gratitude and offer you the gift of giving back.

Festive Cheers Recycled paper ornaments (Set of 4) Christmas Décor
‘Festive Cheer’ Recycled paper ornaments

One of our favorites is this set of recycled paper ornaments crafted by special needs children in Guatemala. Inspired to start a program for kids with disabilities in memory of their daughter, Argentina and Francisco launched ADISA (Association of Parents and Friends of People with Disabilities Santiago Atitlán.) With help from Special Education professionals, the children have been attending mainstream schools while learning useful skills like crafting from recycled newspapers. Over a dozen kids contributed to the process of folding, rolling, shaping and assembling these colorful, paper ornaments. The effort, quality, and beauty that goes into each unique piece is evident in the details.

Christmas Décor Christmas Star Artisan Crafted Ceramic Christmas Ornaments (Set of 6)
‘Christmas Star’ Artisan Crafted Ceramic Christmas Ornaments (Set of 6)

Another completely unique, handcrafted design from Central America is the ceramic Christmas star.  Made from terracotta, these decorations are perfect for use as an ornament, package topper or stocking stuffer.  Artisan Jose Arriola of Antigua has been working with ceramics alongside his mother since he was a child. While he has embraced the challenges his work brings, his own children have decided to take a different path, and that’s just fine with him. His dedication to his craft has made it possible for them to attend college, be independent, and discover their own passion.


Whether you add it to the tree, over a doorway or around a fireplace, a garland is sure to give your surroundings some extra spirit.

Green and Beige Cotton Christmas Bunting from India Christmas Décor
‘Festive Holidays’ Green and Beige Cotton Christmas Bunting from India

Artist Chinni Swamy of India has a number to choose from including snowflakes in red and white,  patchwork reindeer, and navy snowmen. For an option that can be used for occasions throughout the year, check out Mexican artisan, Martha Lopez’s pom-pom garland. She also has versions incorporating multiple tassels in a multitude of colors.


Beautifully decorated stockings are a treat to wake up to on Christmas morning.

Snowflake Motif Holiday Stocking in Green Wool Felt Christmas Décor
Snowflake Motif Holiday Stocking in Green Wool Felt

Made in India of 100% wool, the snowflake motif exemplifies holiday cheer. As soon as you hang this stocking on your fireplace or banister you’ll notice it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Artist, Rajesh Gehlot of Jaipur specializes in holiday ornaments and colorful wall hangings. After eight years of success working for the same company, Gehlot found the courage to follow his dream and venture out on his own. He is still working to get things off the ground, but with stellar customer reviews, he is confident his hard work and entrepreneurial spirit will pay off.

Handcrafted Silvery Beaded Green Christmas Stocking Christmas Décor
‘Glitter on Green’ Handcrafted Silvery Beaded Green Christmas Stocking

Mimicking icicles on a crisp winter’s day, this handcrafted glitter on green stocking adds a touch of elegance to any home. Artist, Seema’s love of pairing color with fabric really shows through in this piece, which features sparkling metallic beads set against kelly green fabric. After completing her textile degree and working as a designer for six years, Seema stepped back to be home with her child. Like Rajesh Gehlot, she is grateful to be making a living doing what she loves.


Once you’ve found the perfect stocking, be sure to fill it with something just as special. Giving homemade stocking stuffers ensures they will be treasured long after the holiday season.  NOVICA has so much to offer when it comes to small, meaningful gifts, we decided to highlight 3 of our favorites to satisfy everyone on your list.

FOR HER:  Thai Elephant Charm

Christmas Décor Thai Elephant Charm Brass Bracelet Carnelian Gems Beaded Jewelry
‘Thai Elephant Charm’ Brass Bracelet With Carnelian Gemstones

This three strand bracelet made by hand in Thailand from brass beads and highlighted with carnelians is an indisputable conversation starter. The elephant embodies incredible symbolism including strength, honor, and dedication to family, making it a truly special gift for the women in your life.

FOR HIM: Luck Will Follow Me

'Luck Will Follow Me' Engraved Stainless Steel Money Clip from Indonesia Christmas Décor
‘Luck Will Follow Me’ Engraved Stainless Steel Money Clip from Indonesia

Ensure good fortune is on his side with this stainless steel money clip from Indonesia. The solidly made piece is engraved with a symbol considered to have magical power and bring good luck.

FOR KIDS: Puppy Puzzle

'Excited Puppy' Handcrafted Wood Dog-Shaped Puzzle from Thailand Christmas Décor
‘Excited Puppy’ Handcrafted Wood Dog-Shaped Puzzle from Thailand

Give your kids some old-fashioned play time with this adorable brain teaser. Handcrafted from raintree wood, this pup can be assembled over and over again and then displayed on a shelf as a fun and unique gift from Thailand.

NOVICA makes dressing up your home for the holidays less stressful and more meaningful. You not only get to display unique and enviable décor but by supporting someone’s artistry, you get to give one of the greatest gifts possible this season.


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