Keep it Useful – How to Find the Perfect Corporate Gift

Corporate gifts are those which are specifically given in the professional world. It may be an employee giving a gift to their boss, though, more often, it is a company or employer presenting gifts to their employees. A very important aspect of corporate gifts is the establishment or improvement of the relationship between two businesses. For example, an insurance company who often contracts jobs with a service provider for home restoration might buy a gift for the owner of that company, or the management, or even the employees, and vice versa.  It might be that the owners or employees of different businesses want to purchase a gift for each other. Corporate gifts can be given casually, or for occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, etc.

Celadon Ceramic Card Holder 'Green Elephant' paper clips professional gifts NOVICA
Celadon Ceramic Card Holder ‘Green Elephant’

There is etiquette involved in giving corporate gifts.  Generally, to ensure the gift is appropriate, it is usually something a person can use in their daily life or something related to their work.  A few examples of corporate gifts would be a fine pen, stationery, or a briefcase. A nice corporate gift could be something to display in one’s office or lobby. A vase is always a nice gift to give in a professional setting because it can be used not only to hold flowers but can also serve as decoration by itself. This unique Murano inspired glass vase from the Seguso Family of Brazil is vibrant and colorful in addition to being crafted by hand.

Unique Murano Inspired Glass Vase, Carnival Confetti
Murano Inspired Glass Vase, ‘Carnival Confetti’

If there is familiarity with the colors in a person’s office or if their personal taste and style are known, one could pick out a sculpture to give as a corporate gift. The handcrafted Peruvian sculpture below was crafted by the Andean artist, Cesar Gonzales. In the shape of a pyramid, with a bold pattern and color scheme created by semiprecious gems, the sculpture represents empowerment.

Hand Crafted Peruvian Gemstone Pyramid Sculpture, "Empowered"
Hand Crafted Peruvian Gemstone Pyramid Sculpture, “Empowered”

If the business has a waiting area or a space for entertaining, a chess set might be an appropriate gift. The 11-inch hand carved marble chess set from the Sierra Family of Mexico is sophisticated and stunning, so it would serve nicely as decoration when not in use.

Hand Carved Marble Chess Set, "Sophisticate"
11 Inch Hand Carved Marble Chess Set Mexico, “Sophisticate”

Pens are always useful at work, even in this age of technological advancement. They also make great corporate gifts, especially if the pen is of high quality and uniquely crafted. The fair trade sterling silver ballpoint pen created by the artisan, Dewi Putera, from Bali would make a sophisticated impression in any professional relationship. The pen is gorgeous and ornate with Balinese motifs set in sterling silver and a faceted garnet on the clip. Conveniently, the ink cartridges are replaceable and the cap is removable.

Handcrafted Ballpoint Pen in Sterling Silver with Garnet, "Polka Dot"
Handcrafted Ballpoint Pen in Sterling Silver with Garnet, “Polka Dot”

As mentioned earlier, a briefcase is a good corporate gift, but another type of business bag or satchel would also work nicely, especially if it is big enough to carry a laptop and has plenty of pockets for storage. This stylish distressed leather messenger bag is handmade by designer Ricardo Hinojosa of Mexico. He was clever enough to implement pockets specifically for pencils/pens, business cards, and a cell phone, as well as an additional accordion folder pocket. The main pocket is large enough to hold a laptop or tablet. One of the most interesting features of the bag are the detachable straps that can convert the bag into a backpack.

Leather Messenger bag Briefcase Tablet Laptop Distressed leather handmade
Distressed Leather Messenger Bag, “Free Spirit”

Bookends make a charming gift for any office. The hand carved wood bookends made by Francis Agbete of West Africa feature elephants facing in opposite directions. Wood replicas of books are cleverly used as the book props. The grain of the wood is visible in the smooth, hand-carved sese wood, creating a pleasing effect.

Hand Carved Wood Bookends from Africa (Pair), "Good Luck Elephant"
Hand Carved Wood Bookends from Africa, “Good Luck Elephant”

There are many executive and corporate gifts to choose from on the NOVICA site. The selection is tasteful and appropriate for a professional setting. Whether for an employer, employee or business associate, anyone will find the perfect gift for the working world. Knowing that your gifts are helping to empower the lives of artisans from remote areas of the world adds to the value of your gift.

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4 years ago

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Pamela Hofman
Pamela Hofman
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It’s so nice that you found helpful information in this blog post!

Thank you so much for your reply! We appreciate it!

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corporate gifts supplier
4 years ago

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Pamela Hofman
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It’s so nice to hear that you found the information in the post useful!

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