How to Capture Her Heart with a Necklace – Choosing Gifts for Her

Imagine this scenario: Boy meets girl. Girl enchants boy with her charm, grace, and intoxicating personality. Boy starts to fall head-over-heels for girl. Boy wants to give girl a token to represent his deepening feelings, yet has no idea of where to begin or how to choose the perfect item to express his emotions.

Smart boys who find themselves in this situation know that step one is to visit NOVICA to browse through gifts for her, including the varied collection of necklaces and pendants offered from exotic lands far and wide. Step two? Let the feelings in your heart guide you.

For instance, let’s say the woman in question is a huge fan of world travel. If you’re getting to know her then you’ve probably had conversations about her favorite destinations. These can be places she has already visited or ones she has on her “travel bucket list.” Let’s say she shared stories of how much she loved snorkeling in Bali and how incredible it was to see a turtle swim past her. It’s a good bet you can’t go wrong with choosing the Sterling Silver and Reconstituted Turquoise Necklace, ‘Chelonia Turtle’ for a gift.

Sterling Silver and Reconstituted Turquoise Necklace, 'Chelonia Turtle Handcrafted NOVICA Art

And what about that once-in-a-lifetime dream safari to Africa she showed you pictures of? Remember she said she saw elephants? It turns out, that according to animal lore, elephants represent respect, love and strength. Choosing the handcrafted sterling silver Thai elephant necklace, ‘Elephant Arabesque’ will undoubtedly send a clear message to the one who has stolen your heart. She will know how special she is in your life.

Brushed Sterling Silver elephant Pendant Necklace. Chain Handcrafted NOVICA Art Thailand

There’s a good chance that every time she touches that necklace, she’ll think of you and have fond memories of her trip. It’s a win-win!  These are the kinds of gifts that not only look terrific but also tell your special someone, “I’m listening to you and care about your experiences.”

Is the relationship a little more serious and you think; maybe, just maybe, she is ‘the one?’ If she is, then not to worry! NOVICA has so many hand-crafted artisan designs to choose from that speaking from your heart with the gift of a necklace is easy. At this point in your decision-making, think symbolism. What do you want this special lady to know? In the animal world, it is said that swans mate for life.  What better way to drop a hint of the depth of your feelings than by choosing this wood pendant necklace, ‘Swan Kiss’, to subtly let her know  that you are ready for something deeper?

Wood pendant necklace, 'Swan Kiss' Handcrafted Art Beaded NOVICA

What if the boy isn’t thinking long-term and simply has a romantic evening planned?  You know; fancy outfits, elegant dining and an upscale night on the town. You want your special someone to look magnificent, right? Choosing this classic and stylish Hand Crafted Silver Silver Pendant Necklace is one way to go.

Hand Crafted Silver Silver Pendant Necklace from Bali, 'Destiny' NOVICA

Dress it up or dress it down. Regardless, it will look ravishing on the neck of the one who has captured your heart.

So, guys, it’s really pretty easy. Spend a few minutes browsing through NOVICA necklaces; think about the stories your special someone has shared, and remember; she has captured your heart – now it’s time for you to capture hers!

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