Brazilian Drusy Cocktail Rings & Bohemian Goddesses from The 60’s

Drusy Cocktail Ring

Lately, I’ve been drawn to the more exotic pieces that remind me of 60s bohemian goddesses like Marisa Berenson or Talitha Getty.  And lately, I’ve also had a thing for cocktail rings.  The very first post I wrote for Novica was about the beautiful Princess Trio Turquoise Cocktail Ring which is one of my favorite pieces of jewelry.

During my latest exploration of Novica rings, the Brazilian Gold Plated Druzy Cocktail Ring caught my eye, and I knew it was just what I was looking for.  I wanted something gold that was a statement piece.  Something different than anything I have and something I hadn’t seen out and about.

Drusy Cocktail Ring

My new favorite ring is 18k gold plated brass with titanium covered drusies.  I love how it’s both feminine and masculine at the same time.  Honestly, in the light the way it shimmers is so breathtaking.  I wear it with pretty much everything, but against a beautiful cream hue or white, it really stands out.  It would be gorgeous paired with a cream colored dress for the holiday season.  But it also would be perfect for a something more summery and bohemian as well.

Drusy Cocktail Ring

This is the second piece in my ring collection from Novica.  I have to say, I’m so excited to see what will be next!  What I love about the jewelry from Novica is that each piece is made by a local artisan instead of manufactured.  It means more to me!  I think my days of shopping for jewelry in your typical chain stores are over.  How can I go back to that when each of these pieces tell a story and is delivered straight from the place where it was created?  And if I ever pass on my jewelry, I will know exactly where each piece came from and the artists that made them.

I absolutely love the other pieces by Gemstone Jewelry of Southern Brazil as well…I definitely have my eye on a couple more pieces.  Their designs are so unique which is always what I seem to be looking for.

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