A complete bride & groom checklist to make sure you won’t miss a thing!

Wedding checklist
Photo by Ben Rosett

Color schemes, flower arrangements, wedding venues, cover bands, and DJs… the wedding planning is well underway and there is so much to do! Throughout this exciting, and sometimes a little stressful, time, you know you can count on your girl gang or best dudes to have your back. Show your bridesmaids and groomsmen some love with a memorable little something that will forever remind them of your special day.

Bridesmaid’s Gifts

To show appreciation for their support and friendship, get your bridesmaids something they’ll love. From soft robes for getting ready on the big day, a piece of jewelry to wear as they stand with you at the altar, to something unique for keeping treasures in for years to come, our bridesmaid gifts collection has something for everyone.

Wedding checklist
‘Sparkling Dew’ Topaz Earrings; “Jade Bouquet” Lacquered Box; “Exotic Lisu in Green” Cosmetic Bags and “Sweet Nuance” Batik Robe


Groomsmen’s Gifts

Your oldest buddies are honored that you chose them to be a part of one of the biggest days of your life. You know they will be there to ease the stress, calm wedding jitters, and make sure you have the best time on your last stretch of time as a single man. From celebration accessories to special touches for the big day, our groomsmen collection offers unique gift options for all your favorite guys.

Wedding checklist
Black Jade Cufflinks, “Maya Minimalist”; Men’s Leather Bracelet, “Three Rivers”; Handblown Beer Glasses, “Bohemia” and Bottle Opener Set, ‘Nature’s Bar’


Wedding Accents You Don’t Want to Forget

In the midst of all the planning, it’s easy to miss some of the finer details when it comes to planning your wedding. A pen for the guestbook? Centerpieces? What about unique vases for those centerpieces?

Wedding checklist
Silver Pen with Garnet Accent, “Pillar of Tradition”; Wood Sculpture, “Love’s Kiss” and Celadon Ceramic Vase, “Glamorous Celebration”

Don’t sweat it! From tiny trinkets to artsy glassware to table linens, we have created a special collection specifically for you and your spouse-to-be to make sure you won’t miss a thing on your big day!

wedding guide
Table Linens “Golden Blossom”; Table Runner, “Lanna Rose”; Handblown Wine Glasses, “Tortoise Shell” and Mini Journals, “Jaipur Verses”



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