Your Guide to Finding the Perfect Mother’s Day Present

Buying gifts for my mother has often been a daunting task. I am fortunate to have a very close relationship with my mother and I know exactly what she likes. But what could I possibly buy her to honor her for all that she has done for me? After all, our mothers have given us the most important gift of all…the gift of life.

Consider What She Likes

Think for a minute…what does my mom like? How does she spend her free time? Does she have any hobbies? Chances are that she does, and this is a great place to start.

Joyous Garden Multi-Color Floral Motif Talavera-Style Ceramic Flower Pot Perfect Mother's Day Gift Ideas

For example, if your mom likes gardening, capitalize on that. Consider a new flower pot or another form of outdoor decor as a gift idea. When she is out there doing what she loves, she will think of you, and the mutual love you share.

Gifts for Rest and Relaxation

Let’s face it, mom’s are the busiest people we know. While moms are constantly wowing us with their selflessness and superhuman powers, even they need a little R & R from now and then.

Misty Javanese Forest Artisan Crafted Batik Robe perfect mother's day gift ideas

My mom recently retired from a very demanding job. For this reason, I’ve been focusing my gifting efforts on relaxation and self-indulgence. Consider gifting your mom a hand-crafted robe or a new set of hand-blown, glass drinkware. You may even want to get her both, mom certainly deserves it!

Amethyst Hand Blown Martini Glasses Purple Set of 6 Mexico Perfect Mother's Day Gift Ideas

A Mother’s Day gift in this category will certainly be well received.

Cute Accessories

Handcrafted Palm Leaf Baguette in Beige from Brazil Unique Perfect Mother's Day Gift Ideas

If your mom is anything like mine, she prefers to buy her own clothing. Accessories of any kind, however, are fair game and make for great Mother’s Day gift ideas. Perhaps your mother would like a new scarf or a handbag? You can never go wrong with jewelry! Browse through NOVICA’s unique selection of handcrafted gems; the perfect Mother’s Day gift is only a click away!

Framed Photo

Carved Wood Photo Frame with Floral Motifs from India (4x6) Perfect Mother's Day GIft Ideas

This is one of my go-to’s for gift giving regardless of the occasion. Mother’s Day is the perfect time to honor a special memory that you shared with your mom, all while creating new ones. Print out one of your favorite pictures of you and mom and put it in one of NOVICA’s beautiful, hand-crafted picture frames. If you can’t choose a single favorite photo to commemorate your relationship, perhaps consider making an album. Your mother will have a visual reminder of fond memories that you’ve shared.

When you give your present to your mother, share with her the artisan bio for the gift you’ve chosen. Explain that your carefully selected gift directly impacts the lives of artisans from remote areas of the world. She will be so touched by the fact that she raised such a conscientious and generous child!

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