Unique Turquoise Jewelry Gift Ideas For Her

NOVICA has some unique jewelry pieces that are perfect gifts for a person in your life with a December birthday. These jewelry pieces are completely original and made by extraordinary artisans from around the world.

Turquoise is the birthstone for December. It’s name dates back to the 13thcentury from a French expression called “pierre tourques.” Today turquoise is often called “Persian Blue” the color resembles a beautiful ocean. Many cultures around the world believe that turquoise has special healing properties.

This gemstone is nature’s work of art because of its varying color ranges from blue to green. Turquoise’s alluring color has made it a popular stone for jewelry making around the world. For a December birthday, or at any other time, turquoise jewelry makes a perfect gift idea for any special person in your life. I personally love wearing rings and earrings, so below I will show you some of the amazing rings and earrings that show off this stunning stone.

Turquoise Rings:

Natural Turquoise and Sterling Silver Single Stone Ring, "Turquoise Mystique"
Natural Turquoise and Sterling Silver Single Stone Ring, “Turquoise Mystique”

This lovely turquoise ring is beautifully crafted, I love the spiral motifs shown throughout the ring. I appreciate the simplicity of the ring and that it makes you appreciate the turquoise more because it is the focal point. Artisan, Putu Putri, from Indonesia created this gorgeous ring.

Composite Turquoise and Sterling Silver Wrap Ring from India, "Dreamy Duo"
Turquoise and Sterling Silver Wrap Ring, “Dreamy Duo”

Artisan Aparna from India created this unique Dreamy Duo wrap ring. The band of the ring is made from sterling silver and it is accented with rope motifs around the bezel settings. I admire the beautifully detailed band and I love that there are two turquoise stones instead of one on the ring. Wrap rings are so unique and beautiful to me; this ring is a great statement piece to add to anyone’s jewelry collection.

Silver Silver and Blue Composite Turquoise Ring from India, "Blue Sky in Jaipur"
Silver Silver and Blue Turquoise Ring from India, “Blue Sky in Jaipur”

Here is another stunning turquoise ring made by artisan Aparna from India. The ‘Blue Sky in Jaipur‘ ring is truly breathtaking to me. The stone is surrounded by a rope motif on a sterling silver band. This ring resembles the ocean because of its blue color. This ring is a gorgeous statement piece that is beautifully structured.

Turquoise Earrings:

Indian Citrine Earrings with Composite Blue Turquoise, "Turquoise Sparkle"
Indian Citrine Earrings with Blue Turquoise, “Turquoise Sparkle”

These handcrafted turquoise earrings are made by artisan Neeru Goel from India. The smaller circular shaped stone is citrine while the larger diamond shaped stone is turquoise. The two stones complement each other very well. In addition, the stones are cut and fitted into high-polish sterling silver bezels for a clean and polished look. These earrings would look amazing with a beautiful dress for a special occasion.

Circular Sterling Silver and Composite Turquoise Earrings, "Dancing Circles"
Circular Sterling Silver and Turquoise Earrings, “Dancing Circles”


Artisan Alok Jain of India created these artistic earrings called Dancing Circles. Each circular stone is wrapped with sterling silver in a rope pattern. The rope pattern helps to intensify the beauty of the turquoise stone with the golden veins seen throughout the stone. I particularly love wearing dangled earrings because they are often quite unique and can make an amazing statement.

Turquoise Necklaces:

We round off our list with a breathtaking turquoise necklace. This original piece is called ‘Ocean’s Glory,’ and a glory it is to behold! The beautiful turquoise orb is set off with skillfully worked sterling silver and finished with a blue topaz at its center.

Blue Topaz and Composite Turquoise Sterling Silver Necklace, "Ocean's Glory"
Blue Topaz and Composite Turquoise Sterling Silver Necklace, “Ocean’s Glory”

You can find more beautifully crafted women’s birthstone jewelry pieces for every month of the year here on NOVICA. You can further enjoy your purchase knowing you have helped elevate the lives of artisans from around the world.


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