A Modern Day Treasure Box

My two little girls are always on the hunt for special treasures. What they find may not look like much to the untrained eye. They might find an acorn top or a little rock with a bright dash of color streaking through it, or even a piece of paper with a picture on it that fascinates them for some reason. These are their treasures, and they truly delight in collecting them, looking through their treasures from the past, and sorting them out, deciding which treasures were only temporary in their appeal and which ones have more lasting power.

It’s time these little treasure hunters had a proper keepsake box for their spoils!

Keepsake Box

When you discover a real treasure, there’s something to be said for giving it a very special home. I turned to Novica.com to look at some of their jewelry boxes to see if anything caught my eye. And this incredible piece made by Peruvian artist Edmundo Contreras simply took my breath away. The box in and of itself is a treasure to behold, and it makes the keepsake box to hold what my little ones will consider most dear over the coming years.

Keepsake Box

This style of art is called reverse painting, and the colors are rich and vivid and invite you to simply stop for a moment to admire the beauty. The inside is a beautiful silver color.

Keepsake Box

I want my girls to learn over time how to distinguish what will only catch their interest momentarily from that which will mesmerize them for years to come. Those items are, indeed, precious and few. They will likely all be able to fit in a small keepsake box. But what a box it shall be, fit for truly precious things!

Are your treasures housed in a container that denotes their worth? If not, take a moment to look at the jewelry boxes on the Novica website for some inspiration. And if you are in need of some new treasures, look no further than the unique jewelry selection to find something that will surprise and delight you!


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