Show the bride some love with something extra special – A bridal gift guide

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You have decided to gift the happy couple a fancy new kitchen gadget from their registry on the big day, but what about the bridal shower? Gifts for the bride are typically something smaller and more sentimental. It can be something to be enjoyed by both the bride and groom but given the spirit of this specific bridal celebration, why not give the bride a little extra love? Here are some of our favorite shower gift ideas for your lovely bride-to-be!

Artisan Glassware

Handblown Glass Margarita Set, "Deep Blue" and Handblown Glasses, "Round Ribbon of Sunshine" Bridal Shower Gifts
Handblown Glass Margarita Set, “Deep Blue” and Handblown Glasses, “Round Ribbon of Sunshine”

Glassware is a popular choice for a bridal shower gift, and for good reason! For something blue, we love these unique handblown margarita glasses. For something bright, our multi-beverage tumblers will add an artistic touch to the bride’s kitchen and will make a special addition to dinner parties and celebrations for years to come!

Original Bridal Jewelry

Bridal Shower Gifts Pearl & Silver Cuff Bracelet, "Balls of Moonlight" and Quartz Garland in Sterling Silver Necklace from India, "Sparkling Garland"
Pearl & Silver Cuff Bracelet, “Balls of Moonlight” and Quartz & Silver Necklace, “Sparkling Garland”

The gift of sparkle! For something sentimental, the bride-to-be will love a unique piece of jewelry that will forever remind her of her special day. Whether you choose a dainty crystal quartz necklace or something classic with white pearls, a pretty gift she can wear during this time of celebration is sure to make her smile.

A Pretty Picture Frame or Photo Album

Bridal Shower Gifts Hand Carved Silver Leaf Mango Wood Photo Frame (4x6), "Gilded Gate" and Photo Album Natural Fibers "Lucky Coin"
Silver Leaf Wood Photo Frame (4×6), “Gilded Gate” and Photo Album Natural Fibers “Lucky Coin”

Where there’s a wedding, there will be photos. Gift the bride-to-be with an eco-friendly photo album or an elegant picture frame for her beautiful memories from a perfect day. For something especially bridal, we love this handmade silver-finished wood frame from India!

A Love-Themed Sculpture

Bridal Shower Gifts Wood Sculptures (Pair), "Balinese Bride and Groom" and Suar Wood Open Heart Statuette Home Decor, "Tangled Love"
Wood Sculptures (Pair), “Balinese Bride and Groom” and Wood Heart Statuette, “Tangled Love”

For the discerning bride, a unique and hand-carved sculpture makes a gorgeous shower gift. Intended to be showcased in the home of the new couple, a work of art that emits love will be a welcome reminder of both a beautiful wedding day and a lasting, happy union.

A Handcrafted Journal

Bridal Shower Gifts Assorted Color Natural Fiber Journals from Bali (Set of 5), "Hedge Maze" and Handmade Paper Journal 46 Blank Pages (Medium), "Jungle Elephants"
Natural Fiber Journals (Set of 5), “Hedge Maze” and Handmade Paper Journal, “Jungle Elephants”

Thoughts, plans, and emotions run high while planning a wedding. To show love and support for the process, gift the bride with a unique journal in which she can write down her deepest thoughts or brightest ideas.


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