Men’s Bracelets – The Complete Style Guide

While many men will not wear jewelry other than their wedding ring and watch, more and more are looking at bracelets as an accessory that is not just for women but that can be for them as well.  Men of all ages and backgrounds are joining this fashion trend.

There are many styles and materials that are used for men’s bracelets. The trick to finding a bracelet that matches his style and personality is easier than you might imagine.

The key is to choose the correct bracelet to accent to his outfit and to add a nice touch to his look. This means that the very first step to getting the correct type of man’s bracelet is to think of what his clothing style appears to be.


Balinese Braid Men's Sterling Silver Chain Bracelet Men's bracelets, men accessories, men wristband

If he is often in a suit and tie, then a gold, platinum or silver bracelet might be the best bet, as they would fit with his style more naturally.


Steadfast Men's Brown Leather Bracelet Leather men's bracelets , men bracelet

If, on the other hand, his look is more relaxed and is usually comprised of jeans, and T-shirts, a nice, handmade leather bracelet with either dark wood tones or black would be a great addition to his wardrobe. Leather men’s bracelets have actually become very popular as they are very versatile and can blend naturally with most casual looks. Leather and silver men’s bracelets are perfect for modern men who are looking for a playful accessory with a rustic feel.

Bohemian / Boho

Tribal Paths Men's Brown Leather Bracelet Crafted by Hand with Silver Boho men's bracelets, leather men bracelet

For the free spirit with a hippie’s heart, tribal bracelets are a great choice, especially those that are made with a combination of materials like silver and leather.

Tribal designs

Brown Textural Contrast Brown Leather Braided Bracelet with Hill Tribe Silver Tribal men's bracelets, leather bracelet

The tribal design men bracelets are gaining a lot of popularity and are a good choice for casual dress attire and for summertime.

Nautical design

High Expectations Colorful Men's Bracelet Woven from Polypropylene Cords Nautical men's bracelets, men bracelet

The nautical look has flagged itself within the very basics of menswear, so it is no surprise that the nautical theme has found its way to men bracelets.  It’s a very popular style during the warm, summer days.

Beaded men’s bracelets

Brown Spirituality Men's Handcrafted Wood Bead Stretch Bracelets (Set of 3) Bead men bracelet, men bracelet

While the first instinct for many men would be to stay away from beads, the truth is that the popularity of wood beads and other natural materials is on the rise. You will actually see quite a few famous people rocking their men’s beaded bracelets.  Many use them as statement pieces that can also be layered if done properly and are appropriate for an informal clothing style.

Ada King Mens Bull Horn Beaded Bracelet Men's Bracelets

The secret for men who wear bracelets is actually very simple and can be mastered by following a few simple rules: He should just be himself since the piece he’s wearing will tell a lot about who he is.

Keep it balanced: A lot of men will wear their bracelet on the same arm as their watch, but a separation of the two might be the way to go. This is a personal style choice, of course, and there are no written rules about it.

Journey to Taxco Men's Collectible Taxco Silver and Black Rubber Bracelet Men's Bracelets

Whatever style he enjoys, NOVICA’s selection of handcrafted, men’s bracelets will not only provide pieces of unique character, but their purchase comes with the knowledge that the lives of artisans in the developing world are being transformed and uplifted.

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Chris Lynn
Chris Lynn
6 years ago

really nice collection of men’s Bracelet. I am interested in buying it please provide source from where I can purchase these.

Pamela Hofman
Pamela Hofman
Reply to  Chris Lynn
5 years ago

I’m so happy to hear you like our men’s bracelets! You may click on the images in the post and that will take you to their page where you may purchase the items. You may also wish to visit our men’s bracelets collection.

Sofia Larionova
Sofia Larionova
Reply to  Pamela Hofman
5 years ago

Amazin! You have a lot of things for men fashion I am glad that I have found some for my love. Thanks for sharing.

Pamela Hofman
Pamela Hofman
Reply to  Sofia Larionova
5 years ago

Thank you for your comment! I hope you find something he will love!

Ayesha Mark
Ayesha Mark
4 years ago

Your Blog is very informative, It contains all the necessary things which a person have to look when he go to purchase jewellery.

Pamela Hofman
Pamela Hofman
Reply to  Ayesha Mark
4 years ago

We are so happy it was helpful!


Pam for NOVICA