How and Where do I Hang my Hammock?

I’m sure you’ve lounged in a hammock at some point by the beach, pool, or while camping but did you know that hammocks can also make great decorations in your home? The key is to find a high-quality hammock with colors and details that match the style of the area. Fortunately, artisans around the world are hand-crafting gorgeous hammocks for NOVICA, and you are sure to discover one you love!

Hammock Safety Tips

Before you get to work picking out the perfect hammock, make sure you are properly prepared to hang it safely. If you will be hanging it indoors, make sure the area you choose has good wall studs to drill into for support. You will also want to check that you have the appropriate wall hardware that will be capable of holding several hundred pounds. Your local hardware store should be able to help you identify the necessary equipment if you aren’t sure.

If you will be hanging your hammock on a porch or patio where there are trees available, these simple hammock straps provide an easy solution. Just make sure the tree or branch you are using can support the weight and is not hollow or dead.

Hammock tree straps

Think Outside the Backyard

There are many rooms inside your home that could benefit from the use of a hammock. The most obvious (although not strictly a room) would be a front or back porch. Hang a hammock here to enjoy a summer evening with friends or a book, or say hello to neighbors as they walk past.

Pick something with an easily cared for fabric (like cotton) and bright colors to add some curb appeal to your home. I would love to come home every day to see this striped hammock on my porch!

Cotton striped hammock

Do you need extra seating in your living room, but there’s not much floor space or money to spend on chairs? How about a simple rope hammock instead? They don’t take up any floor space but are still a great seating option for guests. I would love to go to a friend’s house and be offered a hammock to sit in! This gorgeous hand-crafted rope hammock offers a pop of color, and the woven texture makes it seem to take up less space in the room, creating a more open feeling.

red rope hammock

If you aren’t sure you want to have a hammock in your living room, you could always hang one in your bedroom instead.  No one will know it is there but you!

This lovely cotton hammock is lovely outside, but would also make a stunning addition to any bedroom. I would love to curl up here with a book before bed, or take a nap here in the afternoons. If you are really feeling adventurous, you could even replace your bed entirely!

white cotton hammock

So there you have it! Hammocks can be a versatile piece of furniture for nearly any room in your home. I hope you are inspired to mix up your home décor with some amazing hand-woven hammocks from NOVICA!

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