Handmade Jewelry That Brings Joy

2016 is here and with that comes the expectations to set new goals for the upcoming year. At this time however, I find myself more encouraged to look back at what 2015 held for me. I reflect upon the resolutions I was able to succeed at, I see what I wasn’t able to accomplish, and best of all I set my mind on those unexpected twist and turns. Those unexpected moments that came to be shaped and changed me in amazing ways I wouldn’t have imagined. Those unexpected moments and revelation moments in life can hit one at any moment and that’s what’s so beautiful and amazing about each and every one of them. In 2015, I realized I needed more joy and meaning in every part of my life and set myself to find that spark.

It started with a popular book about de-cluttering. I was encouraged to take a deep look at everything in my home and to pretty much rid myself of anything and everything that didn’t spark joy and happiness. I started with my clothes and then moved onto my accessories. I had a lot of accessories but very rarely was I wearing even half of them. Most of my accessories I had for many years and held onto them just because. It wasn’t even a sentimental just because. Now I wonder why on earth I was holding onto things that meant absolutely nothing to me anymore. I set out to rid my collection to just a few pieces and made the goal to only purchase things that I really liked and had a special meaning to me.

I adore NOVICA. They are give artist all over the world a chance to share their beautiful creations with others. I like learning about the artisans from what inspired their creativity to the information about where they live. I like that I know I am supporting an individual and their family instead of a big business when I purchase for myself or for someone else. I love knowing not one item is exactly alike. These pieces speak life, have meaning, and invoke joy and happiness in the receiver as well as the creator!

I received two very special packages from NOVICA in the mail this month. One contained a Jasper shamballa necklace, ‘ Blissful Courage‘ and the other the Quartz and Garnet chain necklace, ‘ Celestial‘. Each of these necklaces come from two different artisans. One from Thailand and the other India. Each necklace was packaged in a unique way. There were handwritten notes from each artist and description of the item. The love and care gone into creating and packaging NOVICA’s handmade jewelry is very apparent. It certainly makes one feel very special.


I chose these two handmade jewelry pieces because I liked the look and I felt a connection to each piece. The designs are simple yet uniquely beautiful. Each accentuates ones natural beauty instead of drawing the eye away from it. I like I can pair these with dressier or casual attire. Each piece is carefully made and I imagine will hold up extremely well over time. I am happy to have replaced all the jewelry that didn’t give me joy in my home with these pieces that do just that.

handmade necklace from NOVICA

Shamballa Necklace from Novica

I encourage everyone to check out the jewelry category on Novica. I plan on looking for a beautiful jewelry box to host the pieces I adore next.

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