Find Your Resolution

No one said change was easy so we’re here to give those New Year’s resolutions a little boost. From big plans to small transformations, your dreams and aspirations are well within reach. Here are some suggestions to get you started.

Strengthen body & mind

Striped Cotton Yoga Bag from Guatemala, "Atitlan Lake" New year's resolutions
Striped Cotton Yoga Bag, “Atitlan Lake”

Movement and meditation have never been more important. Stretch your limbs, strengthen your core, and calm your mind with handmade products that celebrate body and soul.

Wood Sculpture from Indonesia, "Yoga Stretch" New year's Resolutions
Wood Sculpture from Indonesia, “Yoga Stretch”


Be more present

Wood Stacking Tower Game with Box from Thailand, "Tower Delight" New year's resolutions
Wood Stacking Tower Game with Box from Thailand, “Tower Delight”

In a world of distractions, find your way into the here and now with games and activities for the whole family. Put away your phone, shut off your computer, and lose yourself to the moment.

Collectible Stone Chess Set, "Triumph" New year's Resolutions
Collectible Stone Chess Set, “Triumph”


Shop eco-friendly

6 Artisan Crafted Blue Green Blown Glass Highball Glasses, "Aurora Tapatia" New Year's Resolutions
Artisan Crafted Blown Glass Highball Glasses, “Aurora Tapatia”

Let your patronage speak your values. Support the environment without skimping on beauty, style, or quality. Eco-friendly is in high demand, and the future looks gorgeously green.

Recycled Wrapper Handbag Handmade in Guatemala, "Eco-Cheer" New year's Resolutions
Recycled Wrapper Handmade Handbag, “Eco-Cheer”


Cook at home

Natural Raintree Wood Mortar and Pestle, "Lanna Flavor" New year's Resolutions
Natural Raintree Wood Mortar and Pestle, “Lanna Flavor”

Indulge your inner chef! Whether you’re preparing food for the whole family or whipping up an exquisite meal for one, handmade goods will delight your palate and your imagination.

Hand Made Celadon Ceramic Lotus Leaf Bowl, "Peace Lotus" New year's resolutions
Celadon Ceramic Lotus Leaf Bowl, “Peace Lotus”


Capture memories

Antique Looking 5x7 Photo Frame in Greenish Blue, "Great Memories" New Year's Resolutions
Antiqued 5×7 Photo Frame, “Great Memories”

While we can’t be together physically, it’s essential to surround yourself with those you love. Frame meaningful memories to remind yourself where you’ve been and where you’re going.

Handcrafted Sustainable Wood Photo Frame (4x6), "Garden of Memories" New Year's Resolutions
Handcrafted Sustainable Wood Photo Frame (4×6), “Garden of Memories”


Get outside

Italian Alps Floral Wool Blended Jacket, "Alpen Rose" New Year's Resolutions
Italian Alps Floral Jacket, “Alpen Rose”

The great outdoors has never beckoned so urgently. Step outside, inhale that cool, crisp air, and let your body be rejuvenated by the sights and sounds of nature.

Knitted Unisex Watch Cap in Azure 100% Alpaca from Peru, "Antique Blue Allure" New Year's Resolutions
Unisex Watch Cap 100% Alpaca from Peru, “Antique Blue Allure”


So, are you ready to fulfill your resolutions? We hope these suggestions get you excited to be on the path of keeping those promises you made to yourself.

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