Art in Our Own Backyard

One of the (many) things we love about art, is that it knows no language. Beauty is beauty, whether you live in Guatemala or India or New York City. At NOVICA, we immerse ourselves so deeply in art from around the world, we thought we’d change it up a bit and visit an art fair in our own backyard.

We recently stopped by the Sawdust Festival in Laguna Beach, California. Surprisingly, we learned even more about our own NOVICA artisans as a result. We saw live demonstrations of especially complicated art pieces being made, and talked with creatives who have the same hopes and dreams of artists in Bali, Brazil, Ghana, etc..

The Sawdust Festival goes until August 30th, so if you are in the area there’s still time to drop by. If you live thousands of miles away, we encourage you to find your own local art fair –  there’s something rare and exciting about talking with an artist face-to-face about his or her creation.

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Glass Blowing Demonstration


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Yes, toe rings count as art!
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Artist Robert H. Jones runs horse hairs through his ceramics before they dry, infusing the spirit of the animal into every pot, vase or wall hanging.
Photographer Ulrike Scheunchl was about to throw out an old cupcake and decided to take it to the beach instead. Years later, she’s taken countless pictures of cupcakes in unusual situations. Her book “The Secret Life of Cupcakes” sells out at the festival.
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Fine Art intersects with music and food



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