Alebrije, A Recognized Mexican Art Form

Multicolored Wood Alebrije Bull Figurine from Mexico, "Colorful Bull"
Alebrije Figurine, “Colorful Bull”
Recently, Google got down with Mexican folk art. In celebration of Pedro Linares Lopez’s 115th Birthday, the Google doodle — that ever-changing image above the search bar — embraced the alebrije style of its original creator.

Legend has it that Linares first conceived of the fantastical creatures who would become his famous alebrijes in a feverish dream. He tried to capture their likeness in sculpture, and eventually, the vibrantly colored works emerged.

Copal Wood Dragon Alebrije Sculpture in Red and Orange, "Mexican Dragon in Red"
This week, as Mexican artisans prepare for the Guelaguetza festival in Oaxaca, we are again given the opportunity to appreciate the beauty of Mexican folk art. Colors, textures, patterns will soon fill the streets as partygoers summon the ancient gods for a good harvest and a season of rain.

"Rainbow Monkey" Multi Color Hummingbird Alebrije Sculpture Crafted by Hand, "Colorful Hummingbird" alebrije art
Alebrije Sculptures, “Colorful Hummingbird” and “Rainbow Monkey”

At NOVICA, we believe that every day is an occasion to celebrate the craftsmanship and skill that has been passed down for generations, and that is preserved, today, in the works of these incredible masters.

Wood Ornaments, "Alebrije Hearts" Alebrije Art
Wood Ornaments, “Alebrije Hearts”


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