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Our Story

Inspiration for NOVICA's
social mission comes
from Roberto's
Missionary grandmother.

Missionary grandmother

Inspiration for NOVICA's
love of all things handmade
comes from Roberto's
Artisan grandmother.

Artisan grandmother

The idea for NOVICA came to co-founder
Roberto Milk in a flash of inspiration during a
Portuguese language class at Stanford in 1995.


The sudden death of his Portuguese Professor several weeks later
made this fledgling idea all
the more important.

Roberto Milk

Affirmation the idea was good
comes from Mina Nercessian,
Roberto's girlfriend (now wife), and
her mother, Armenia Nercessian
who was then a Human Rights
Officer with the United Nations.
Confidence to push forward with
NOVICA also came from a strong
family heritage of championing
social causes and artisanship, along
with enthusiastic support from
The 3 Amigos!
Armenia Nercessian
Armenia Nercessian
"If Rob gets it started,
I'll consider leaving
the UN to help
launch NOVICA".
Mina Nercessian
Mina Nercessian, an early
advocatefor the idea,
is now the face of
Andy Milk
Andy Milk was also
an earlyenthusiast
for handmade crafts,
and is one third of
The 3 Amigos!
Charles Hachtmann
Charles Hachtmann
is the childhood friend
and co-adventurer of
Roberto and Andy, and
one of The 3 Amigos!
With our team of dreamers assembled, our mission was now clear - we were going to reinvent the import / export process for artisans and find a better way to sell their products to the world. We incubated the idea for 5 years and launched NOVICA in 1999.
Jose Cervantes
Co-founder Jose Cervantes
leavesa prestigious consulting
job to start NOVICA's Mexico
office in his grandmother's
Novica was born
May 1999
Michael Burns
Co-founder Michael Burns
joins us in 1999 as one of our
1st investors, and becomes a
rainmaker to secure key
funding and partnerships.
By mid-summer 1999 we launch
our 1st 4 regions, and over 200 artisan groups
start to sell their products on the website!
In July 1999 it was time to celebrate - But only for a moment!
Our new office in Brazil hosts an incredible gathering of
investors and new team members from around the world
for the wedding of Roberto and Mina in Rio!
Wedding - Roberto and Mina
After the wedding it's back to work. In
the last half of1999 we open 2 more
offices in Thailand and Indonesia,
formingrelationships with over 300
additional artisan groups.

Scripps Ventures invests in NOVICA's first
major fundinground, providing capital for
a large ad campaign. NOVICAbillboards
soon appear throughout New York City.

This captures the attention of National
Geographic, whothink our ads look a
little too much like their famousyellow
border. They ask us to use other colours.

Novica Billboards in New York City
National Geographic is on board
Soon after, National Geographic comes
onboard as a major investor, giving
NOVICA instant brandrecognition,
and allowing us to reach a wider
audienceof art and culture lovers.
Novica India region
India Team full view
Our India region opens in July 2000,
bringingour total region count to 7!
Los Angeles Times
Extensive coverage of our
innovative business model by
newsoutlets such as NPR and
on Los Angeles Times brings even
moreexposure to artisans.
Los Angeles Times
Investments and grants from the IFC,
a member of the World Bank Group,
wraps up the first wave of funding in 2003.


By November 2003, we
have sent $5 million USD to
artisansaround the world!
Ney Cardoso
As we hit the $5M USD mark,
artists like Ney Cardoso
(pictured left) celebrate
increased sales,and a
feeling of pride that their
work is beingenjoyed by
so many people around
the world. TheNOVICA
system is a success - and
the impact is clear!
Unicef, Novica Growth consolidation and feature in Eat Pray Love.
In 2006 we begin selling
in UNICEFcatalogues,
giving NOVICA artisans
greater exposure
throughoutthe world.


2003 - 2009

Our lean start-up philosophy helps us
weather the dot-comcrash and build a
rock-solid foundation that sees us
throughthe recession of 2008.

Our secret?
Failure was not an option...
Toomany artisans
depended on us!

In 2004 Armenia meets
Liz Gilbert and they have
in Bali (later, Armenia
was featured inLiz's
book, Eat, Pray Love).
Artisan Story
Background Image
By October 2009, we have
sent $25 million USD to
artisansaround the world!
In 2010, contributions
from customers and
funding fromthe GBF
help us open an office
bringing the total to
8 NOVICA regions!
Grassroots Business Funds
Santa Monica Headquarters
In November 2011, the HQ team in Santa Monica
celebrates amilestone for the new microcreditprogram.
With help from customers we raise over $100,000 USD inthe
space of a week. This provides hundreds of artisans with
0% interest loans, with which they can use to buy
materialsfor restocking before the busy holiday season.
Partnership with Kiva
In June 2012, we partner with Kiva to
expand our existingmicrocredit
program, giving our artisans access to
Kiva's1 million lenders, and raising
over $240,000 USD at 0% interest
in the first 12 months!
Elizabeth Gilbert
In August 2012 New York Times
bestselling author Elizabeth Gilbert becomes
our featured curator, helping us
launch NOVICA curation to the world.
Nationa Geographic Expeditions
In November 2012, we teamed up with
our friends at National Geographic
to run our first ever
curation contest - with a trip to Machu
Picchu as the grand prize!
Winning curator Jenni Siri with Ubaldina Paucar
In October 2013, our winning curator, Jenni Siri
(curatorname Koshari) travels to Peru with
NationalGeographic expeditions. While there,
she stops by ouroffice in Lima to meet some of
the artisans she hasimpacted. Jenni is pictured
here with ceramic artisan Ubaldina Paucar.
Winning curator Jenni Siri with Ubaldina Paucar

In 2014 we launch our enhanced
to spread happiness around
the globe, because we know that
a better world for artisans is
a better world for us all.

Background Image

By June 2014, we have sent $50 million USD to artisans around the world!

NOVICA 15 Year Celebration

At the same time as celebrating our $50 million USD milestone, NOVICA turned 15 years old! Our teams around the world gather to celebrate, including our team from the Andes (pictured above).

We reach a huge milestone in March 2017, having sent


to artisans worldwide

Corporate Gifts

We significantly expand NOVICA's Corporate Gifts initiative, supported by our in-house specialists to help with custom volume orders, especially for holiday gifts, incentive awards and destination in-room gifts.


We expand our long-standing relationship with UNICEF in the US & UK to help run their e-commerce stores, offering goods from NOVICA artisans worldwide, many from communities where UNICEF has active projects.

In February 2018, we celebrate the exciting work we have done with KIVA to send more than $1.5M USD in microcredit loans to artisans around the world.

NOVICA celebrates a big moment in March 2018 when we acquire key catalogue and artisan e-commerce assets from our partner, National Geographic. We are honoured to be the new custodians of National Geographic's unique catalogue of global treasures.


In August 2018, we hit 250,000 followers on Facebook and are blessed to have such an active, mission-driven community. Help us reach our next Facebook milestone by following us today.

Online Fundraising

We launch an exciting online fundraising initiative, which enables organizations big and small to raise funds through customised NOVICA welcome pages.

Region Journalists

We welcome a talented team of global journalists who passionately chronicle inspirational artisan stories the world over.

Shop by Cause

We add an exciting addition to our Impact Marketplace, our new Shop by Cause section, which allows customers to directly support Women's Empowerment, Uplifting Communities, Caring for Children, and many more important initiatives.


We launch NOVICA TV to showcase incredible stories from around the globe, including clips of our founders as they discover new artisans and capture incredible footage of artisans in action.


In August 2019, we broadcast our first direct-from-the-workshop Facebook Live event where viewers meet Victor Hugo and his family in their home workshop in Antigua, Guatemala. Wow!

NOVICA turns 20!

Our headquarters, region offices, loyal customers, and global artisans celebrate 20 years of incredible art.

Love is at the Core

As the culmination of a year-long process of team meetings and exercises around our core values, we discover something we should have known all along - LOVE is at the core of everything we do.

Intrepid Travel

We join forces with Intrepid Travel, our perfect partner in the adventure and cultural travel space to offer tours and sweepstakes to our customers.

Love Goodly

In March 2020, we partner with Love Goodly, acquiring their company and integrating their team to offer non-toxic, cruelty-free beauty and skincare and continue growing their beauty subscription box.

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