Celebrating 15 Years of Global Art – And $50 Million Sent To Artisans

WOW – We can hardly believe it’s been 15 years since the birth of NOVICA!

When we started this journey, we never imagined that our efforts would result in over $50 million being sent to artisans around the world.  Our teams in NOVICA’s  8 regional offices took time out this week to celebrate these great milestones – forming a chain of celebrations around the globe – in one happy festival of cake and balloons!

NOVICA Andes Team
NOVICA’s Andes Team


NOVICA India Team
NOVICA’s India Team


NOVICA Thailand Team
NOVICA’s Thailand Team


NOVICA West Africa
NOVICA’s West Africa Team


NOVICA Central America Team
NOVICA’s Central America Team


NOVICA Mexico Team
NOVICA’s Mexico Team


NOVICA Bali and Java
NOVICA’s Bali and Java Team


NOVICA’s Brazil Team – (also in full world cup mode!)


NOVICA HQ Team and family in Santa Monica, California.
NOVICA HQ Team and family in Santa Monica, California.
We are also proud to be celebrating $50 million sent to artisans since we started.

It’s been 15 years – yet we have so much still to achieve!  There are still communities of artisans that need our help to promote their works on the global market, at a fair price to them, and affordable prices for you – And there are still incredible treasures and techniques that need preserving for future generations to enjoy.   Please spread the word about NOVICA by sharing this post, and help us expand our reach to new regions, so we can celebrate even bigger milestones in the future.



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