Thinking Ahead to Father’s Day Gifting

Father’s day is fast approaching, giving us the perfect opportunity to celebrate that special father in our lives. Did you know that while widely celebrated, different countries celebrate it on different days? No matter the day, this holiday is meant to thank fathers all around the world for the important roles they play in the family.

What should I get Dad this year?

The truth is that buying a gift for a man is not as hard as you might think, as long as you keep a few important points in mind.

There are always different trends that are more or less popular at any given period of time and if the recipient of your gift is someone who likes to follow fashion trends, that would give you a good starting point.

A lot of men like very simple and minimalistic styles, and while you can find this kind of jewelry in precious metals, leather is always a great option for any man who likes to accessorize.

Jewelry is always a good option as a man’s gift and you will find an incredible selection of global jewelry masterfully crafted by NOVICA artisans.

Artisan Crafted Tan Leather and Hill Tribe Silver Bracelet, men jewelry, leather jewelry Father's Day Gifting
‘Natural Charm’ Artisan Crafted Tan Leather and Hill Tribe Silver Bracelet

Leather jewelry
Leather jewelry is easy to implement in most lifestyles. It’s perfect for any man with a sense of style who would appreciate a piece of jewelry, especially if it’s not over the top and requires little care.

The beauty of the leather jewelry is that you can choose from many different styles to match the recipient’s personality.

Artisan Crafted Leather Accent Sterling Silver Band Ring, silver jewelry for men Father's Day Gifting
Leather Minimalist’ Artisan Crafted Leather Accent Sterling Silver Band Ring

Leather and silver rings, like this artisan-crafted leather accent and sterling silver band ring, have become more and more popular, and make a great and simple piece of jewelry for the modern man as well.

By the same token, some men like bold and eye-catching jewelry, so you can always look for sterling silver pieces like bracelets with oversize links or intricate designs.

Artisan Crafted Chunky Sterling Silver Men's Bracelet, Sterling silver , Men bracelets Father's Day Gifting
‘Bali Duo’ Artisan Crafted Chunky Sterling Silver Men’s Bracelet

Right in the middle
On the other hand, the person you are shopping for may have an “ in between” taste and would like something that is not too flashy but would make a fashion statement. You can always look to beaded jewelry which gives a trendy tribal look. Beaded bracelets and necklaces, often in earth tones, can be worn as a single piece or a set.

Beige and Black Wood Beaded Bracelets (Set of 3) Guatemala, beaded jewelry Father's Day Gifting
‘Black Force’ Beige and Black Wood Beaded Bracelets (Set of 3)

No jewelry at all

There are some men won’t wear anything other than their watch and wedding band. There are always gift options to match their lifestyle and would make wonderful Father’s Day presents.

Clothing and Accessories

There are plenty of accessories for men, including messenger bags and handmade leather wallets. These items are practical and classic. Giving him an item handcrafted by a skilled artisan adds a personal touch to your gift.

Credit to Brown Men's Leather Wallet Father's Day Gifting Handcrafted
‘Credit to Brown’ Men’s Leather Wallet
Alluring Altiplano Unisex Brown Leather Messenger Bag from Bolivia Father's Day Gifting
‘Alluring Altiplano’ Brown Leather Messenger Bag from Bolivia

A fine alpaca wool jacket or sweater will have him looking forward to cooler weather. These would make extremely elegant gifts.

Men's Alpaca Blend Black Jacket with 2 Pockets and Zip Front, men clothing, men jackets Father's Day Gifting
‘Intrepid Black’ Men’s Alpaca Blend Black Jacket
Grey Heights Blue Grey 100% Alpaca Men's Turtleneck Pullover Sweater Father's Day Gifting
‘Grey Heights’ Blue Grey 100% Alpaca Men’s Turtleneck Pullover Sweater

A nice piece for his desk would also make a memorable present. The business card holder shown below adds a whimsical element to his workspace.

Elephant Sits Down Hand Carved Raintree Wood Elephant Card Holder Thailand Father's Day Gifting
‘Elephant Sits Down’ Hand Carved Raintree Wood Elephant Card Holder Thailand

Luckily, there all kinds of items that would make great gifts for him. This is all thanks to the many artisans from different parts of the world whose amazing pieces are now available to us through NOVICA. Your gift means so much more when it comes with the knowledge that you’ve helped support artisan families.

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