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Infographic: Social media for Social Good

Social Media for Social Good: Infographic

With online charity giving steadily rising, along with the ever-increasing popularity of social media sites, it’s not hard to find a number of recent examples of social enterprises that are effectively using social media to aid in their efforts. This infographic by bluehost highlights a few these examples, and offers more supporting research for companies who are considering moving toward the ‘social enterprise’ business model.

New in Eco-tourism: Hanging Hotel Rooms Let Guests Camp In Trees

Hanging Hotel Rooms Let Guests Camp In Trees
Photo courtesy of

Inside, this treehouse has all the amenities of a suite at the Hilton. On the outside, all you’ll see is nature all around. But the best part is that these amazing treehouse hotels live in harmony with the trees they are built on and around. Read more.

Happy 90th Birthday to 21st-Century Mother Teresa

Happy 90th Birthday to 21st-Century Mother Teresa
Dr. Catherine Hamlin set up a hospital in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, years ago to repair fistula injuries in women. Dr. Hamlin, seated center, was given a party for her 90th birthday last month and was honored by colleagues and former patients. Photo credit: Joni Kabana, courtesy of

Ethiopia this month nominated Dr. Hamlin for the Nobel Peace Prize, and she deserves it. A 21st-century Mother Teresa, she has revolutionized care of a childbirth injury called obstetric fistula, which affects as many as two million women worldwide. Read more.

Solar Water Pumps Wean Farmers From India’s Archaic Grid

Solar Water Pumps Wean Farmers From India’s Archaic Grid
A SunEdison Energy India Pvt Ltd. employee assists a farmer with the implementation of the company’s Solar Water Pump on a farm in Rajasthan, India. Photo: SunEdison Energy India Pvt Ltd. via Bloomberg

India has a novel idea: Wean farmers from archaic power lines and expensive diesel fuel to run their water pumps with solar energy. Read more.

The Age of Outrospection

The Age of Outrospection

Maptia co-founder Jonny Miller discusses how each of us  has the opportunity to cultivate our own global sense of adventurous empathy by taking the time to read, understand and appreciate other people’s stories from all over the world. Read more.


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