4 Handy Tips for Exploring our Marketplace

Walk into a crowded street market in any locale on Earth and your reaction will probably be the same: There’s so much here — what should I look at first?

Visiting NOVICA is much the same way, except that you’re in the comfort of your own chair — and there’s much more to see than in your average marketplace! But not to worry: just as you can ask any friendly local where to find what you came for in the street market, you can find all your favorite treasures at NOVICA — or discover something fascinatingly new — with a few helpful tips and tricks …

Ways to explore our marketplace
Wood carvings at a market in Ghana. Photo by Briana Young on assignment for NOVICA.



NOVICA isn’t your average online source for fair-trade jewelry, fashion, or home decor. We’ve perfected the task of finding the widest possible variety of global works of art, so you’ll find something exactly to your tastes — and with over 30,000 unique works of art available at any given time, we’ve made it easy to do so with powerful search filters.

To get started, simply click on any of the drop-down menus that are located at the top of any page ( Jewelry, Fashion, Home Decor, or Paintings) and then choose a subcategory — like necklaces in the Jewelry menu. (Or simply hover over each menu and click on a subcategory — it’s up to you!)


Navigate to a subcategory


When you navigate to any subcategory, use the left-hand side filters to narrow your search. Want to find a pendant necklace, made with amethyst and sterling silver, from a Balinese artisan, that’s under $100? You got it. How about a sculpture from India that is abstract, carved from wood, and under $200? Easy. Simply select your preferences for theme, material, color, price, region, and more.




You can always remove a filter to broaden your search. And don’t forget to use the “sort by” filter at the top right-hand side of the product list to sort your results by price, popularity, artist, or newest arrivals — again, it’s up to you!


Arrange results



Jetsetting to the far corners of the globe is easy with our regional pages. Whether you prefer treasures from Mexico, Central America, the Andes, Brazil, West Africa, Thailand, India, or Bali & Java, you can choose your destination from any page by hovering over the drop-down menu titled “Regions” — or click on “Regions” itself to see what’s new from everywhere!


Shop by region


Within each regional page, you’ll find the most noteworthy artistic categories traditional to the area. Click through any category or subcategory to explore these sections for a wide range of treasures, using the left-side filters to help you find treasures that are exactly to your tastes.



Have a birthday, anniversary, graduation, holiday, or any other gift-giving occasion coming up? We’ve got you covered. It’s easy to find something for anyone on your list when you browse NOVICA by filter or by region, but to make things even easier, we’ve put all our top gifts in one place. With the NOVICA Gift Finder, you can find the perfect gift for any recipient, on any occasion, in any price range.


Unique gifts


Popular categories within our Unique Gifts section include Gifts for Him and Gifts for Her, but you can tailor your giving even further when you shop by recipient, occasion or personality. Need a hostess gift for an animal lover? No problem. Or perhaps a gift for your environmentalist mom who’s also a cocktail aficionado? Done. Once again, simply select your preferences for gender, recipient, occasion, interest, personality, price, and more.


NOVICA Gift Finder


You can also easily find a gift for any occasion or any recipient from any page on our site by using the “Gifts by Occasion,” “Gifts for Her,” or “Gifts for Him” drop-down menus.

Read more on mastering the art of giving or learn how to go pro with your gift presentation.



We also have a few handpicked, one-of-a-kind specialty collections we know you’ll want to check out. You can explore them by clicking on or hovering over the “Unique Gifts” drop-down menu at the top of every page.

One collection you won’t find anywhere else is our Good Luck Gifts collection. In this section you’ll find gifts to help you shower blessings — from good health to protection and more — on a loved one through powerful symbols from across world cultures.

Specialty collection


Another collection we know you’ll love is our Women’s Empowerment Collection, the largest online collection of fair-trade products produced by women. You can shop all your favorite jewelry, fashion, and home decor treasures knowing that each purchase helps a woman support her family.

Or perhaps you’d like to target your support for precious and endangered art traditions? Stop by our Keepers of the Arts page and choose a craft tradition that excites you most — whether it’s Taxco silver, African kente cloth, or something you’ve never even heard of. Each art tradition has its own product selection from artisans keeping alive a craft handed down for generations.

Keepers of the Arts



Armed with a few tips and tricks from your friendly local guide, we hope you’ll feel even more confident finding your next treasure in our marketplace. Whether you’ve got a specific item in mind or you just want to wander around, we’ve made it easy to shop for something you’ll absolutely adore.


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