We All Have A Mother To Admire


Mexico has lots of reasons to celebrate Mother’s Day. We’ve done so each year on May 10 for the last 95 years. The custom began on April 13, 1922, when Rafael Alducin, journalist and founder of the newspaper Excelsior, proposed choosing a special date to honor Mexican mothers. And to this day, this beautiful spring day is exclusively for Mom.

In NOVICA, we know that being a mother isn’t a degree you can acquire in the university. No, it is a recognition achieved through loving, guiding, caring for and protecting children with devotion every moment of every day.

Nowadays, mothers play more than one role and we see the challenges a working mother faces. She deserves our respect and admiration.

A woman who successfully manages her work outside the home and her role as a mother is an example for her sons and daughters. In most families with working mothers, each person has a more active role. The magic of being a mother is reflected in each of the activities they perform and at NOVICA this is no exception.

Lupita Gomez
Lupita Gomez

We can see this in each of the exemplary mothers who are part of our team. They commit themselves in body and soul to their daily work, yet are able to find a balance in their lives as mothers, professionals, and workers. Their day-to-day effort is worth sharing.

We begin work at 8:30 a.m. at NOVICA Mexico and at the start of the day, we observe our colleague Lupita Gomez from the Logistics area who carries her little daughter in her arms as she hurries to arrive on time. Every day, her skill surprises us. Behind her is her friendly sister Alma Gomez, who is responsible for the strategic sales of each of our craftspeople. Alma is the mother of a 12-year-old girl who is just entering high school. Her eloquence is her magic.

Yessy Ornelas
Yesenia Ornelas

Also working in Logistics is the very dedicated, committed and exemplary Yesenia Ornelas who has a little boy named Alonso. Her laughter can always be heard throughout the area. Yesenia shares the laughter with her accomplice, her sister Alejandra Ornelas, a mother of two who works in the jewelry area. There is Debora, the mother of a two-year-old boy, who is always dedicated and friendly Near here is Isabel who always has a look that reflects joy; She is the mother of two children, one who is 14 and another who is 8 years old. The firmness and commitment of these women are exceptional.


As we walk through the offices, we find Karla Lopez, mother of little Renata who comes to visit us frequently. Karla is a committed leader and coordinator of the inventory team. She is unfailingly smiling and happy, and conversing with her is a pleasure.

It is sometimes a challenge to find Luz in our big office because she helps us with something extremely important — the cleanliness and order of each of our workspaces. She is the mother of two small children, Julian and Pedrito who are her joy. We see her coming and going in all the office’s areas during the day.

Upstairs, Lili Olmedo is in charge of the administration. She always receives us with a beautiful smile and confides that NOVICA has witnessed each stage of her motherhood. She is an exceptional mom to little Diego and Vanessa, who also visit us frequently and share their adventures in the corridors with us.

It is fascinating to observe these children’s transparency, their capacity to enjoy, to improvise, to teach, the way they laugh at themselves and always see the positive side of things.

And they remind us every day that there is no one like Mother. So we all have a woman to admire and it’s important to take time to spend with her. If she is no longer with you, remember her and be thankful for having had her in your life. This is for mothers!

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