Summer Fashion Essentials – What to Wear on Your Getaway

Midsummer is the perfect season for a getaway. Whether you’re planning to hit the beach or to burst from the ‘burbs and head toward the bright lights, you’re going to need to pack accordingly. Let’s face it, all vacations are not created equal, and the only thing harder than figuring out where to go is to decide what summer fashion essentials to bring.

Pack your summer dress

Comfortable and breathable summer dresses made of cotton or bamboo are a must when planning a summer getaway, even more so if you are traveling to hot places like the beach or inland cities.


Artisan Crafted Cotton Hi-Low Sleeveless White Dress, 'Cempaka in White' NOVICA Summer Clothing Fair Trade

Why cotton?

Cotton is lightweight and unless it has been dyed, it is also light in color. Light-colored clothing will help sunlight pass through the material instead of being absorbed so you won’t feel the heat as much. Avoid dark, solid colors during the day if you are planning to be out and about. Wear loose clothing instead of tight-fitting apparel, so there will be ample space for air to pass through. This will help you stay more comfortable and fresh.

Versatile dresses

Spaghetti strap, sleeveless, and strapless dresses are easy to dress up by adding a pashmina, lightweight jersey, a summer scarf or a belt, and will allow you to change your look by simply adding or removing accessories.

Jersey maxi dress, 'Cool Ocean Blue' summer dress, sleeveless dress

Crossbody bags

A comfortable bag is also very important to pack along when you are going on vacation. If you choose wisely, you will only need one bag for any day time activities and outings during your holiday.

Purple Cotton Sling Handbag from Thailand, crossbody bag,

Why is a crossbody sling bag a great choice when going on a summer gateway? Chances are that you are going to be doing a lot of walking and spending some time on the beach or at the pool, so a bag that can hold all your necessities while still being comfortable and stylish is definitely the best way to go. The crossbody design is one of those styles that can provide all of the three points mentioned above!

Wraps & Sarongs

The word “sarong” is the Malaysian word for “covering” or “sheath.” The sarong is a traditional attire of Java and the Malay Archipelago. It is made of a long piece of fabric wrapped and tied around the body at the waist or under the arms. Sarongs are worn by both men and women. In today’s society, fashionable sarongs are usually brightly colored and used as a wrap skirt which can be worn to the beach or pool.

100% Thai Silk Sarong Wrap with Hand-printed Batik Orchids, 'Midnight Cattleya', silk wrap, silk sarong,

People have grown fond of the style and comfort of sarongs and wraps. Their lightweight, easy-wear versatility is a nice alternative for beach and poolside clothing.

Why are sarongs a smart choice when traveling?

You can wear a sarong as a skirt during the day, and then easily convert it into a dress for the evening.   One item of clothing can serve two totally different functions, and takes virtually no space in your suitcase. You now have the perfect travel accessory!



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