Fall Fashion: Adding Color with a Scarf

The weather is starting to cool down a bit here in Vermont and I am transitioning out some of my favorite summer clothing. It is time to pack away all of my shorts and bathing suits and bring out my favorite fall fashion pieces again.  My clothing color choices for fall tend to be a bit darker than in the summer. I pack away all of the light pastel colors and bring out the gray, navy and black pieces.

Colorful Scarf

Fall Fashion: Adding Color with a Scarf

One way to brighten your favorite fall outfit is by adding color with a scarf or wrap.  A stylish cotton scarf can add a bit of seasonal color to your favorite outfit without being too heavy for fall temperatures. I chose this beautiful Violet Intrigue Cotton Scarf to brighten up my charcoal gray top today. The scarf I received is a stunning blend of violet and charcoal gray and is woven into an accessory that highlights Guatemala’s textile legacy. The artist, Clementina Vasquez, obtains the colors she uses from natural dyes and works on the back strap loom to create this trendy accessory.

There are a number of different ways you can wear this cotton scarf so you can accessorize it to match your favorite style. It is 68 inches long and 10 inches wide so I prefer to wear the scarf in a simple reverse wrap style.  Simply hold the scarf behind you and bring the ends to the front and then behind in a loose wrap.  I love that this cotton scarf is long enough to let me wear it in this style.  The three inch fringe at the end adds even more style and visual interest to the scarf.

Fall Fashion: Adding Color with a Scarf

This gorgeous cotton scarf is made of 100% cotton and is dyed with eco-friendly, organic dyes. Colors may vary slightly due to the dying process but the end result is truly stunning. No worries though, the scarf is machine washable separately in cold water which is a must for my busy lifestyle.

As always, I was so impressed with the quality of this NOVICA item.  The scarf itself is beautifully made with great attention to detail and is the artist’s own pattern. The ‘Violet Intrigue’ cotton scarf came gift packaged which means that I could easily give this as a gift to one of my fashion conscious friends.

If you’re looking for a trendy fall fashion statement, try adding a colorful scarf from NOVICA.

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