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Whatever you may be doing this summer, you need wardrobe choices that are versatile, comfortable and relaxed. NOVICA’s 2022 Summer Lookbook is a great place to get started. Classic cuts and beautifully flowing fabrics make looking good remarkably simple and fun. And when you buy direct from artisans, they earn more and you pay less.

Perfect Packing

Whether taking a break for a short weekend or a well-earned vacation, at NOVICA we have you covered with your perfect travel outfits. Beautiful linen basics and traditional ikat men’s shirting, wrinkle-free dresses, tops and pants for women. Delights from all of our regions – India, Thailand, Mexico, Central America, The Andes and Indonesia – be a world traveler before you even step out of the front door. Knowing what to pack for a trip away can be confusing. Packing items that can be easily mixed and matched is the way to go.

Worldly Style

Stand out from the crowd with clothes and accessories that can’t be found anywhere else. Whether it’s a batik maxi dress, a handwoven natural fiber tote or a block-print tunic from India, unique artisan-made fashion gives your wardrobe a chic, worldly flair. When someone asks where you got that stunning tie-dyed scarf, smile mysteriously and tell them the truth: “It’s from Thailand.”


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