Neon Rug

Lately I have been in major nesting mode in our home.  Part of it is the changing of the seasons.  We are about to leave winter here in the U.S. and blossom into spring any day now.  This season always makes me want to clean out my home, and recreate cozy nooks.  I’ve also been inspired to bring in little pops of color into my home.  I’m naturally drawn to earthy colors, and my home is filled to the brim with earth tones.  The oncoming spring season has me wanting to change things up a bit and bring in some colorful life.

Neon Rug

This beautiful wool neon rug is the first new piece I have brought into my home this season to liven things up.  I love that it is called Neon Magic.  I normally stray away from anything ‘neon’.  Just not my personal color choices, but these colors mixed in with those earthy neutral tones completely draw me in.  It’s the perfect use of a bright color without being overbearing.  This rug is the perfect size too, at 4’x6′ it fills up a smaller space like this.  This area of our home would normally be the dining room, but we have turned into a cozy corner to sit and read a good book, do yoga (on the rug), or just about anything peaceful.  It is truly my favorite space in our home.

Neon Rug

I would love to know what kind of home decor changes you make when the seasons change.  Anything you will bring in your home for spring?  Or take away from winter?

Neon Rug

A big part of adding rugs into our home is for our furry babies too.  Every morning my kitty Bella likes to greet me on the neon rug and we sit together with my first cup of coffee and morning pets.  Our dog doesn’t get much traction on our wood floors either, so she loves to have a place she can lay and play without sliding around.  Rugs not only add so much beauty and coziness to a home but can be so functional as well.  As you can see, our Bella approves!

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