Decorate Your Christmas Tree with Handmade Ornaments

Our family cherishes our yearly tradition of picking out a fresh Christmas tree right after Thanksgiving here in the states. After dad gets it all set up, watered, and the lights on, our kids help decorate the tree with ornaments.

While the trees I see in magazines and even friend’s are decorated so perfectly with matching ornaments, ribbon, and lights, we decorate our tree with odd, personal, and unique ornaments. All of them have real meanings behind each and every one. My kids have their “First Christmas” ones. I have ones I have purchased from local craft fairs, and even those that my kids hand made.

That’s why I absolutely adore the Christmas ornaments that are available from NOVICA. Each of them is hand made from artists around the world, with great care and love. Each is unique and waiting to spread cheer to those who choose them.

Handmade Ornaments

This set of four handmade papier mache Christmas ornaments are each handmade by Syed Izaz Hussein in India, and feature intricate floral motifs and joyous songbirds.

Handmade Ornaments

Among the variety of paper mache ornaments made by Syed, he also hand paints each of these “Reindeer Garden” handcrafted stars – carved from weeping willow wood and painted with detailed finesse, featuring flowers and grazing reindeer.

Handmade Ornaments Handmade Ornaments

These are just two varieties of handmade ornaments that can adorn your Christmas tree. Make sure you see his whole collection of ornaments including these  Papier Mache Heart Ornaments.

Handmade Ornaments

Does your family like to decorate the Christmas tree with unique handmade ornaments?

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