Exude Gratitude: Festive Thanksgiving Home Decor

Thanksgiving is just around the corner. Before you know it, we’ll be finalizing plans, food shopping and getting everything in order. Whether you are hosting at your home, or spending the holiday with family or friends, surrounding yourself with festive holiday decor is the perfect way to embrace the spirit of giving and gratitude.

Objects That Reflect What You’re Grateful For

There is something special about the air that November brings. This time of year always conjures up emotions of gratitude and belonging for me. While I seldom have the opportunity to visit my family for the holidays, surrounding myself with objects that reflect what I’m grateful for truly taps into and magnifies these powerful feelings of love.

Mother and Daughter Artisan Crafted Wood Family Sculpture Festive Thanksgiving Home Decor
‘Mother and Daughter’ Artisan Crafted Wood Family Sculpture

Take a moment to consider the things that you are most grateful for and find some home decor objects that embody these qualities. Place them in your home where you will enjoy them each day, (not necessarily just on Thanksgiving,) and experience how the magic of gratitude transforms you.

Festive Gourds

Gords may be the obvious choice when it comes to festive Thanksgiving decor. Though they are simple, they should not be overlooked.

Andean Trilogy Hand Carved Andean Trilogy Sun and Moon Gourd Decorative Box Festive Thanksgiving Home Decor
‘Andean Trilogy’ Hand Carved Andean Trilogy Sun and Moon Gourd Decorative Box

In many cultures, gourds are known to symbolize and celebrate abundance.  I love the unique intricacies carved into the ‘Andean Trilogy.’ People work in harmony with nature while honoring the cycles of the sun and moon, the very things that help us to sustain life on our planet.

African Masks

Did you know that most cultures don’t celebrate Thanksgiving the way that we do? While this is true, many cultures throughout the world do celebrate a fall or harvest festival of some sorts.

Giving Thanks Hand Carved Rubberwood African Mask Wall Art from Ghana Festive Thanksgiving Decor
‘Giving Thanks’ Hand Carved Rubberwood African Mask Wall Art from Ghana

Throughout the African continent, many regions honor a variety of harvest festival traditions. Traditionally, masks were worn during religious ceremonies to connect with spirits, ancestors and other entities. While it is now less common for masks to be worn during the harvest ceremonies throughout areas of contemporary Africa, masks represent a vibrant history and a celebration of bounty.

Beautiful Tableware

Banana Vibes Ceramic Banana Leaf Dessert Bowls (Set of 4) Festive Thanksgiving Decor
‘Banana Vibes’ Ceramic Banana Leaf Dessert Bowls (Set of 4)

Cooking a Thanksgiving meal is not an easy task. Honor the hours you’ve spent planning and in the kitchen by treating yourself to some new tableware. Glassware that shines, unique dinnerware, and serve ware that looks just as good as your food. Together, they will bring an element of uniqueness to your table while creating a harmony between cultural traditions. Your beautiful Thanksgiving table will be another thing to talk about.

Anguri Delight Hand Carved Mango Wood Salad Bowl and Servers Festive Thanksgiving Decor
‘Anguri Delight’ Hand Carved Mango Wood Salad Bowl and Servers

Table Linens

There is no better time than Thanksgiving for a festive table. Impress your guests with beautiful new table linens from NOVICA artisans such as placemats, napkins, table runners and tablecloths. If you’re the chef, you probably deserve a new apron too!

Guatemala is Home Blue Cotton Runner Table Linen Festive Thanksgiving Home Decor
‘Guatemala is Home’ Blue Cotton Runner Table Linen

I adore the beautiful fall hues in this piece by The Yama Aj Chixot Artisan Group of Guatemala. The blue in their textiles represents the welcoming warmth of home…how perfect for Thanksgiving, not to mention many other occasions when you’ll want to create a wonderful ambiance for your guests.

Keep in mind, if you’re not hosting Thanksgiving yourself, any of these make perfect host/hostess gifts!

As you take time this Thanksgiving to ruminate on what you are thankful for, pat yourself on the back. When you shop at NOVICA, you are providing artisans in rural areas of the world with something to be grateful for. I believe that it is this circle of gratitude in motion that will change the world.


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