Go Green with Thai Celadon Pottery

Wildflower Fair Trade Green Celadon Ceramic Vase

Green with envy

Celadon pottery has been awing its beholders with its jade green color since it originated in China several hundreds of years ago. Produced by firing a glaze containing a little iron oxide at a high temperature in a reducing kiln, celadon is known by specialists as greenware. Despite its Asian roots, the name ‘celadon’ was actually coined by the Europeans in the 17th century.

Way before it was christened as Celadon, the glazed pottery was highly regarded by Chinese nobility. Eventually, its popularity spread throughout Asia and touched down in a handful of countries, all of which developed their own distinct techniques. One country that caught the contagious celadon bug is Thailand.

After seeing the creations of present-day Thai artisans, it is evident that the art form has been able to capably withstand the test of time. As most things do, celadon naturally evolved as the years passed and is no longer limited in terms of color. What does this mean, you ask? It means you can find celadon pieces that boast every color of the rainbow, (and we’re into it!)

Time to check out some ‘make you green with envy’~  Thai celadon treasures!

Décor you will amor 

Two must-haves for every space? Flowers and tea! Although the vase below is beautiful enough to stand alone, a bouquet of your favorite flowers will add an extra fresh element.

Handcrafted Celadon Ceramic Vase from Thailand

I don’t think I speak for myself when I say, “it’s always tea-time somewhere.” In other words, having an authentic tea set is always a move you should make. It’ll transform your afternoon high tea, making it that much more relaxing, refreshing, and chic!

Blue Celadon Tea Set Handmade in Thailand (Set for 2)Ceramic tea set Island Delight celadon ceramic

For your sacred space

Whether it is your bedroom, your office, or a hidden cozy nook, everyone should have a designated area that serves as their personal sanctuary. Having an oasis to retreat to for some thought-gathering alone time is crucial when we live such hectic lives. When adorning your sacred space, you should consider adding pieces that bring you calmness. Essential oils are a guaranteed relaxer; you can opt for a diffuser or go all natural, (your electric bill will thank you,) and burn your oils. Lotus flowers, which are Buddhist symbols for the purity of the body, speech, and mind, are the perfect addition, especially in the form of an essential oil warmer.

Handcrafted Thai Ceramic Oil Warmer Green Floral Tealight

Ganesha, the master of intellect and wisdom, will also deliver an effortless tranquil feel when you need it the most.

Hand Crafted Celadon Ganesha Statuette from Thailand

Declutter and spice up your desk/dresser/wherever! This gorgeous jewelry box will keep your most treasured gems hidden and add a unique boho aesthetic to whichever space it decorates.

Fair Trade Thai Painted Celadon Ceramic Round Jewelry Box

Long live celadon

During the warmer months, spending time outside is super important. Being one with nature helps you feel grounded and more in tune with yourself. (Seriously.) This turtle couple symbolizes living a long life and will bring an undeniable charm to your outdoor area. Adorning your garden with these cute little critters will make you want to get outside that much more!

Sky Blue Resilient Turtles Celadon Ceramic sculptures

I have always loved pottery and these Celadon pieces are no exception. They make me want to get into the workshop and start making some of my own! The thought and passion that the artists responsible for these pieces exhibit is truly an inspiration… not to mention their creations are gorgeous! Check some more out here.

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