5 Tips for Holiday Card Season

Remember the days, when entire homes were decorated with the holiday cards that your family received each season? They would be strung along the fireplace and tucked up in the branches of the tree.  Perched in every nook and corner. Remember when it was exciting to go and get the mail and when reading the greetings sent by friends and family was fun for the entire family? Somehow a holiday “e-card” or email blast just doesn’t have the same effect.  Well, not to worry – we have got you covered with these 5 Tips For Holiday Card Season!

Big Wish Handcrafted Christmas Greeting Cards Envelopes (set of 4) Holiday card

1. Get Organized

The last thing you want to be doing is running around trying to find all the things you need when you’re ready to compose your heartfelt holiday messages!  I actually keep all of my supplies together in a decorative box that I only use for this purpose.

Butterfly Court Reverse Painted Glass on Wood Jewelry Box with Butterflies Holiday card

What are some of the things you will need?

  • Holiday Greeting Cards and Envelopes
  • Stamps
  • List of Family and Friends You Wish To Send To
  • Your Address Book with Up-To-Date Addresses
  • Your Favorite Pen to Write With
  • Copies of Family Photos You May Like To Add
  • Any Small Surprises You Wish To Include

2. Choose Cards With Meaning To You

This is your chance to make not only the words you send meaningful and sincere but also for the card itself to convey all the wishes the holidays hold for you. You have an array of choices to make it fun so choose cards that make you smile! And feel free to break the rules. You don’t have to send out holiday “specific” cards. There are so many beautiful designs that will do the trick for any occasion. I like to stock up on my favorites so they are always ready when I’m feeling the urge to jot off a quick note.

Whether it is a beautiful handcrafted greeting card with glistening snowflakes that includes colorful hand-loomed insets of Guatemala’s renowned Maya weavings, or a boxed set of mystical elephants handpainted in the legendary style of Madhubani, you know that the card you send will be met with delight and gratitude.

Golden Snowflake Card With a Message of Peace Holiday card

3. Add A Small Surprise

You can make the card you send a gift all in itself!  Choosing a small holiday gift, such as a small unbreakable ornament, to tuck inside the envelope. Whether darling Babes in Snowsuits; hand-painted flower blossom Christmas trees; or handcrafted felt “Hearts of Joy” when the receiver of your card finds this extra-special addition inside, you will have reminded them of just how much they are loved.

Babes in Snowsuits Set of 6 Handmade Ornaments from India holiday card

4. Put Them On Display

We’ve talked a lot about the holiday cards that you are going to send, but let’s not forget about the ones that you receive.  Handcrafted card designs can be the most beautiful, inspiring, and inexpensive artwork for your walls, or to display in your home. Not only that, but the messages that are inside will remind you, every time you look at them, of a special relationship to cherish.

If it’s a small and lightweight card, an elegant ceramic business card holder, in shape of an elephant symbolizing good luck, can be a beautiful and unique display option. Photo frames also provide an array of choices to correspond with your room decor and can be combined to create an eye-catching wall design.  Imagine for a moment, a feature wall unlike any other, of holiday greeting cards that your family has received throughout the generations. You’ll have stories to reminisce about around the table, and neighbors will be clamoring to know who created this “work of art” in your home!

Summer Clover Fair Trade Mango Wood and Pewter Photo Frame (5x7) holiday card

5. Create A Ritual

Make the “sending of the cards” a yearly ritual in your home and get the whole family involved.  Or, make it all your own with a cup of hot tea by your side and beautiful holiday music playing. Think of each person you are writing to, and conjure up the feelings of what they mean to you. As you remember good times you’ve had together, the words you choose will carry that energy of love and care. They will feel it when they open that envelope, even when they are miles and miles away.

Now doesn’t all that sound much better than e-cards and email blasts?


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5 Tips for Holiday Card Season

Remember the days, when entire homes were decorated with the holiday cards...
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