Celebrate Diwali – India’s Festival of Lights

Diwali Festival

Hope Shines

Diwali is India’s Festival of Lights. This year, it radiates with renewed strength.

During the five-day celebration, billions of people will light tea candles, or diyas, decorate their homes, honor the goddess Laxmi, exchange gifts, and embrace their families. Though the festival will look different this year, its message — that light triumphs over darkness — is more vibrant than ever.

What does Diwali mean to you?

Diwali Festival
India Team Celebrating the holiday

We asked our region team in India how they plan to celebrate this year. Here’s what three of them shared.

Diwali Festival
India Regional Manager, Anvita Malhotra


“For me, Diwali has always been a time of meeting with friends and family over card parties, get-togethers, shopping, and cooking. This year, the sentiments are the same, but the celebration will be very different. We are shopping online, sharing recipes, playing card games, and meeting virtually with the same enthusiasm.”

Diwali Festival
India Region Team Member, Deepa Gariya


“Every year on Diwali, we wear new clothes, decorate our homes with colorful tealights, visit different pandals, enjoy sweets and Bengali cuisine. Due to the pandemic this year, we won’t be able to venture out. But Diwali is about spending time with your loved ones and that’s all it matters.”

Sanjay Saxena, India Region Team Member


“This Diwali is very special for me and my family as we’ll be celebrating our first Diwali in a new home. On this auspicious occasion, we’ll be doing pooja, or worshipping, and cherishing moments while eating special homemade treats. Nothing can be more special than this. Happy Diwali!”

Whether you wish to celebrate Diwali yourself, or simply want to imbue your home and wardrobe with beautiful items from our wonderful Indian Artisans, as well as handmade crafts from around the world, NOVICA has something wonderful for you.


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