Breathtaking Sterling Silver Jewelry For Any Occasion

The whitest of the precious metals, sterling silver has been prized for centuries for its highly lustrous finish and versatile applications. While sterling silver is harder than gold, it is considered one of the more flexible metals, making it a premium material for crafting jewelry. NOVICA artisans from different corners of the world have compiled an impressive and breathtaking sterling silver collection that is sure to please all jewelry lovers.

Movement Modern Sterling Silver Dangle Earrings Breathtaking Sterling Silver Jewelry

Timeless, beautifully designed jewelry pieces for any occasion

Regardless of your jewelry style and preference, sterling silver jewelry can be easily implemented into your lifestyle to be as simple or elaborate as you want it to be.

A sophisticated, minimalist design like the ‘Together Forever’ sterling silver collar necklace is the perfect complement to a formal dress and would look equally striking as a complement to a more informal outfit.

Together Forever Sterling Silver Collar , silver necklace, sterling silver jewelry
If you are looking for a more intricate piece of jewelry that will be sure to turn heads every time you wear it, the ‘Lucky Clover’ fine silver onyx waterfall necklace may be what you are looking for.

Lucky Clover Fine 950 Silver Onyx Waterfall Necklace Breathtaking Sterling Silver Jewelry

Add some gemstones

The beauty of the sterling silver it can be crafted into a shiny piece or an opaque finish. When combined with precious or semi-precious stones, these items have an eye-catching effect that cannot be achieved by other metals. This ‘Petals Chrysocolla’ flower bracelet is a fine example of a beautiful sterling silver piece.

Chrysocolla flower bracelet, petals, sterling silver cuff Breathtaking Sterling Silver Jewelry

One of a kind sterling silver jewelry pieces

Sterling silver, which refers to the alloy of silver with other metals, like copper for durability, can be shaped in countless ways to offer a more accessible price than gold but is second to none when it comes to the beauty of the pieces that can be created.

Cultured Pearl and Sterling Silver Waterfall Earrings, oxidized finish silver pearls, pearl earrings

Would one-of-a-kind pearl and sterling silver dangle earrings be more up your alley, or perhaps something simpler like a pair of handcrafted black cultured pearl stud earrings?

Rings that are as unique as you are can be crafted just using silver or sterling silver.  Other trendy designs combine silver with other materials like leather, gemstones, or even more exotic materials like the mixed-media combination of simulated leather and resin found on this gorgeous’ Teal Cyclops’ ring crafted by NOVICA artisan, Remi Tuot from Java.

Teal Cyclops Unique Sterling Silver and Resin Unisex Ring, silver rings, unisex rings Breathtaking Sterling Silver Jewelry

Consider an anklet like the ‘India Trends’ fair trade jewelry piece. This is a turquoise and sterling silver ankle bracelet that would add a playful free-spirit look to your attire.

India Trends Fair Trade India Ankle Jewelry Turquoise and Sterling Silver, anklets, sterling silver anklets Breathtaking Sterling Silver Jewelry
Regardless of age, style, or trend preference, you are sure to find a breathtaking piece of jewelry any time you visit the NOVICA store.  Knowing that you are helping to support artisans achieve a better life adds a priceless element to your jewelry treasure.

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