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Sterling Silver Jewelry with Gold Accents

All That Shimmers

You know that feeling? That you’ve exhausted every unique gift idea there is. That there’s nothing new under the sun to give the ones you love.

We hear you. We’re here to help.

Keep scrolling for a few creative ideas to step up your gift game when it comes to jewelry — whether it’s for the moms in your life, your very significant other, or anyone else you love.

Think Inside the (Jewelry) Box

Yes, jewelry is a tried-and-true gift. But even tried-and-true can feel uninspired sometimes. Choose a piece of jewelry that means more. Something special that reflects your recipient’s uniqueness and individual style. We’ve put together a few tips to make the gift-giving experience more fun for you—and for her.

Cultured Pearl and Silver Cone Dangle “Balinese Trumpet in Peacock”

Let the stars align

Birthstone jewelry is one of the best ways to take an ordinary gift and imbue it with deeper meaning. Is she a January girl? Go for garnet or rose quartz. Dazzle your May birthdays with emeralds and agates. If love lies in the details, then this extra bit of attention to her birthstone is sure to capture hearts.

Whether she reads her horoscope daily or rarely thinks about celestial bodies, a well-chosen piece of birthstone jewelry is a sure-fire way to show you care.

Amethyst Marcasite Ring, “Purple Queen”, Garnet Stud Earrings, “Fiery Marvel” & Blue Topaz Earrings, “Buddha Hoops”

Sterling Silver and Bone Pendant Necklace, “Heart for Horses”

Channel her inner spirit animal

Wise as the owl, playful as the dolphin, changeable as the butterfly. What are the attributes that capture her essence? What are the qualities she values most? When gifting a piece of jewelry, take the time to consider who she is and what she stands for. Let your gift embrace the luck of the elephant, the adaptability of the dragonfly, or the intelligence of the monkey — she’ll appreciate the time and care you’ve put into selecting it.

Silver Garnet Bird Necklace, “Peahen in Love”, Silver Lilac Jade Earrings, “Lilac Dolphin” & Silver Earrings, “Owl Love”


Turquoise Pendant Necklace, “Zigzag Corona”

Flaunt her Style

Is she boho eclectic, pairing a dangling beaded earring with a chunky silver cuff? Does she go sleek and modern, with clean lines on her rings and simple shapes on her necklaces? Maybe she embraces the spiritual life with Celtic symbols or religious motifs. Or finds meaning in inspirational jewelry, the Hamsa hand or Om mantra. Whatever her style, whatever her preference, discover the jewelry perfect for her.

Turquoise Earrings, “Windows of History”, Blue Beaded Bracelet, “Solola Sky” & Recycled Glass Bracelet, “Karis Colors”


Azure-Malachite Beaded Charm Bracelet, ‘Feeling Loved’

Go on, charm her

Their roots trace back to the period between 600-400 B.C. when charms were worn as talismans to ward off bad luck, or amulets to usher in the good. Their enduring popularity is a reminder that charms signify something deep and abiding. They tell stories, reveal hopes, carry sentimental value. From peace signs to hearts to animals of all ilk, charms capture the qualities and ideas that mean the most. Find the perfect one for her.

Tiger’s Eye and Hill Tribe Silver Bracelet, “Chiang Mai Snowflake”, Carnelian Brass Bracelet, “Thai Elephant Charm” & Cultured Pearl Charm Bracelet, ‘Monarch Cross’


Spread happiness when you shop

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Beaded Jewelry by Adriana Trejo
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