Cozy Up Your Living Room with Throws and Pillows

The holiday season is over and we’re in the middle of winter, so many of us are feeling the chill of these cooler months. We are now into the month of February, and springtime can’t arrive quickly enough!  With the short hours of daylight and the longer hours of night, it’s the perfect time to cozy up with some throws and pillows and watch a good film.

2 Embroidered Chainstitch Green:Yellow Floral Cushion Covers Yellow Indian Peony India NOVICA Fair trade

Whether your décor is ornate, colorful or neutral, there’s plenty of different types of throws from NOVICA to suit your needs. So grab some popcorn, a cup of cocoa, your favorite flick, and wrap yourself in some of these fun blankets.

I have a wide selection of duvet covers, comforters, and quilts at home, but when I came across the cotton quilt and pillowcase set with floral motifs, ‘Iris Beauty’, I had to add it to my wishlist. I love the gorgeous hues of blue that are in this set, with the pretty pattern. I like that it is 100% cotton, polyester filling, which makes it perfect for daily use.

Block printed cotton quilt and pillowcase set, 'Iris Beauty' (king) cushion covers India

Another quilt that I fell in love with is the blue and green, ‘Cerulean Paisleys’. This one has a bit more color than the first one and is excellent for everyday use as well. Both quilts were created by the designer, Rahul Khandaka, who is from Jaipur, India.

Block printed cotton quilt blanket and pillowcase set, 'Cerulean Paisleys' king -size cushion covers throws

If you’re like me and have the television in the living room instead of the bedroom, then you may want a nice bright throw that you can toss on the top of the couch. My couch is graphite in colour, so the bright hue of a bright red blanket would look pretty. I love the handcrafted red alpaca wool blanket, ‘Cajamarca Carnations’, and this too has been added to my wishlist. Not only would this look great at my place, but it would make an awesome gift for any occasion.

Alpaca wool, otherwise known as alpaca fleece, is a natural fiber that has been harvested from an alpaca. It can be light or heavy in nature, it just depends on how it’s been spun. It’s super soft, strong, silky and a luxurious kind of fiber. It’s similar to sheep’s wool but is warmer, lighter in weight, and less rough against the skin.

Alpaca blend throw blanket, 'Cajamarca Carnations' queen size solid red

If you’re looking for a more neutral blanket to toss over your couch, chair or bed, then the baby alpaca throw in indigo and eggshell white from Peru, ‘Indigo Love’, would make for a beautiful addition. It’s 100% baby alpaca wool, which refers to the fine fleece from the first sheer of the season. The color of this blanket almost resembles the color of blue jeans, and it has a bit of a speckling pattern to it. In addition to the color, I love the soft looking fringe.

100% baby alpaca throw, blanket 'Indigo Love' blue fringe border

With so many cozy items to chose from at NOVICA, it’s the perfect place for adding some beautiful artisan creations. So be sure to stay warm, cuddle up with a loved one, and count the days until spring arrives.

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