Adventure in the Americas

Your journey to the Americas starts here. Tray tables up. Seats in their upright position. We’re about to take you to four incredible destinations – The Andes, Brazil, Central America, and Mexico. Along the way, you’ll dip into the colors, textures, and cultures of these diverse, magnetic places.

The Andes is for lovers

The Americas
The best in reverse-painted glass, retablos, Inca-themed art, tapestries, and so much more. Many of our artisans are of Inca descent and cherish their ancient heritage and the many traditional crafts of their people.

Brazil, bold and beautiful

The Americas
Discover gemstone crafts, beaded jewelry, golden grass, bronze sculptures, and other art forms. With the rainforest covering around 60% of the country, many artisans are inspired by the lushness and vibrancy of the landscape, an influence that shows in their art.

Central American silhouettes

The Americas
Turn heads with jade pendants, wood tableware, stunning hammocks, and handwoven shawls. In ancient times, the countries of Central America were populated by thriving Maya civilizations. Visiting Colonial Antigua is a glimpse into a rich past.

I left my heart in Mexico

The Americas
Delight in Talavera-style ceramics, Zapotec rugs, Taxco silver, alebrijes, and handblown glass. A melding of Maya, Aztec, and Spanish cultures can still be felt in the richness of the arts and daily lives of people who flourish today.

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