What NOVICA Artisans Tell Us

Ghanian Woodcarver Kwaku Apenteng in his Shop

Consolidating dreams for 20 years

There’s a lovely saying that goes, “Words may be brief and easy to say but their echoes are truly infinite.”

A single word can reflect the beautiful experiences over a lifetime, their details and teachings. But more than anything, they show our inner strength and reveal who we are.

NOVICA knows that words are the echo of the heart and they disclose years of wisdom and experiences that have left their mark on the lives of our artisan friends.

Over the past few months, NOVICA International has tasked us with updating our artisan biographies. We want to see how they’ve grown, learn about their experiences and discover their impact on their workshops and families.

Pedro and Esperanza Jimenez, NOVICA Jade Jewelry Artisans from Guatemala.

I’m Valeria Galindo from NOVICA Mexico and I’ve had the opportunity to interview all the artisans in our region. Through all the questions and answers, I realized the artisans have all kinds of anecdotes to share. There has been an evolution in every aspect of their lives; the promotion and consolidation of family workshops, illnesses they’ve faced and achievements such as the satisfaction of paying for their children’s education. I was surprised by the sheer amount of information.

As a member of the NOVICA team, I found being in close contact with each of our artisans a revelation. Every one of them demonstrated the constant struggle to preserve their passion for Mexican art and handicrafts while supporting their families and building their dreams

These are just a few Mexico region artisans. Soon I’ll be sharing more stories.

Mexican Sculptor Armando Ramirez Uses Recycled Metal Pieces to Create His Art.

At the age of 51, Armando Ramirez is studying for a degree in fine arts in order to continue surprising us with whimsical and original sculptures. “The past 17 years have been wonderful and filled with fun.” He says, “NOVICA has given me the opportunity to continue creating designs filled with magic – transforming scrap metal and discarded auto parts into art. They’ve also let me grow in every area of my life. Every day I wake up with a new idea and start to work on it.”

Odette Sierra with Sierra Family Hand Carved Onyx and Marble Sets

With her big smile and joyful life, Odette Sierra of the Sierra Family Workshop shares the beauty of living. “Working with NOVICA has been a blessing. It has let us create a beautiful collection of designs. You’ve shown us a new market and a new vision which we are able to utilize to the maximum. You are my second family.”

Alejandro de Esesarte of Mexico with his Hand Crafted Metal Wall Art Collection

Alejandro de Esesarte has shown us there are no obstacles for his talent, creativity, and passion. “From the very beginning, I saw an opportunity for growth with NOVICA. Sharing my work gives me great satisfaction. Each design carries a large part of myself – they represent my identity.”

Francesco Sanchez Designs Beautiful Jewelry That Incorporates Images Celebrating His Mexican Heritage

Francisco Sanchez began his career as a jewelry designer with NOVICA and has been able to consolidate his collection and continue preserving his family’s jewelry traditions. “I feel very grateful to grow in a medium that was unimaginable a few years ago. Today it’s a reality and we are the protagonists. We still utilize every technique we’ve used from the beginning, such as cutting silver by hand, and we carry on the legacy that my artisan father left in my hands.”

Ceramic Artisan Eufrosia Pantaleon Paints A Decorative Mask

With her colorful ceramic art, Eufrosia Pantaleon has been able to give her six children an education.

Thus NOVICA not only inspires the talent and passion of artisans but also helps ensure education for new generations.

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